Any cures for total lack of motivation?

  1. Any cures for total lack of motivation?

    I'm not really sure if this comes and goes or if it's been steadily getting worse for the past few years. I go through days and weeks where I just don't have the desire to better myself in any way and I believe that nothing really matters. But I don't think I really feel depressed or sad. It actually is like the movie Office Space- "It's not that I'm lazy, I just don't care."

    I'm trying to figure out if it's psychological or phylosophical. Have any of you gone through anything like this before?

  2. Yeah about 3 months ago, just wore out! Trained everyday for about 11 moths, no days off. Woke up one day and said, I dont give a **** if I get fat. Took about 2 weeks off, got fat and said screw this, time to go back. Take a little break.

  3. could be overtraining. a break now and then never hurt anyone.

  4. When I say better myself, I don't just mean training. I mean training, diet, work, education, etc. Basically anything that's not pure entertainment (socializing, movies, video games). It's like bettering myself as a whole becomes pointless. I just get in a real serious "slump".

  5. might be shrink time. something in the noggin.

  6. Take a total break. From everything (minus diet, work) If you feel like playing a video game, then play. When I took my break I took a break from it all minus work. Diet sucked, everything. It made me appreciate my health, fitness, and family more then ever.

  7. I ran into this situation about 3 months ago. The only true thing that really helped me get going again was taking a break.

  8. Moyer,

    I hear you man that's a tough spot to be in. You've got to do some metaprogramming on yourself if you want to bust out of that rut. Usually its due to just doing too much; you dont have time for all the things you want to do so you just give up on everything and slack off.

  9. It will pass. You are young still believe it or not and you are still growing emotionally. Fight through it, take some time off as was recommended, you will find yourself on the other side stronger and more mature. We've all been there bro.

    On a side note: for some it takes becoming involved with something other than ourselves in order to be truly fullfilled. FWIW
    Recent log:

  10. I go through the same thing about once a year. I'm going through it right now. I know a lot of it has to do with working nights, but my son started preschool last week and I get to sleep in, finally. Still, I just feel tired all the time. It takes all day to clean one room of the house. It's taken me a few weeks to get my tuition paperwork done with the army to pay for school.

    For me, it takes a change in routine to fix it. Next week I start school and cut back on work hours. I know that this will help because if I keep this going while taking a full boat in school I'm screwed.

  11. Maybe do some research on a herb named St. John's Wort. That, and tell yourself you are going to smile each and every day for a week.

    While you're taking a break from your regular stuff, maybe think about doing something you've never done before - a new experience.

    Then picture yourself and your life IF you were keep up with what you're doing (gym, diet, excercise, etc). Do you want that? Is it possible?

    And no joke here - buy/rent/borrow/steal/whatever some inspirational/motivational CD. As lame as it sounds, my friend "forced" me to listen to a "Awakening the Giant Within" on a long road trip - and my life has never been the same since. Things like that can get you excited about things in life again.

    If there's ever a skill that is hard to deny that Bill Phillips has, is that he knows how to motivate people. Watch one of those original Body-For-Life success tapes. I think it's a good motivator - it makes you believe ANY person can achieve their goals.

  12. Do you have goals for the year and long term? It's hard to be dicisiplined without seeing a motivating benefit to it, it's very helpful to be able to relate the daily chores to something bigger and better. You have to see the forest, or you'll get lost in the trees.

    One side of motivation is pleasure, rewards of action, the other is pain, the consequences of inaction, freshening one's mind with consequences can get you going, use both.

    Whenever I hit a rut in my day, I refer to my daily TTD list, reject the weakness and start a task, getting started is three quarters of the battle. There's an old saying, "If you're hard on yourself, life will be easy on you", get tough with yourself, reject the inner excuses, build willpower and life will open up for you.

    Task anxiety is usually related to inadequate preperation, preperation builds confidence, confidence leads to action.

    It seems these days everyone's looking for a chemical fix, and they will chase a dozen chemical combos to find it, when what they need is training in character, strength the mind and heart and the outside battles become much much easier.

  13. you need to listen to everyone and take some time off. ill admit that i am a huge overtrainer. i took a total of 3 days off in 2004 and 2 of them were the day before and the day of a show. depression can be a sign of overtraining. i experienced a decreased mood state for so long before i figured out overtraining was my problem. my feelings were, im not happy, and im not sad... im just here. no desire to do anything, constant fatigue, low libido, and poor sleep were other symptoms i experienced. after taking a week off from everything, i came back to the gym refreshed and had appreciation for life again. i had labs done, and physiologically, everything was fine. if this sounds anyhting like you, i suggest you take time off. it will do you good.

  14. Ya I definitely have. (had that feeling)
    I will also get this sick, scared feeling every once in a while and I can only calm down by reading the Bible. (i also am a MAJOR germophobe...ect(inferiority complex's and ****))
    I have a lot of mind crap going on that I'm not to proud of.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    might be shrink time. something in the noggin.
    I have a chiropractor that does a ton of mind stuff and counseling. (your back goes out in certain places due to specific emotions and habitual thinking(as is the cause of every health problem))
    He has helped my life a TON.

  16. Bro how old r'u? Anyways, overtraining is the most likely cause of this feeling. Could also be that little obsession called muscle mass that most people think is never enough. Rest and give yourself some time to reflect on the people that care for you most.
    Getting laid always cheered me up the most. Of course, if this feeling of nothingness continues and it runs in your family get some medical attention.

  17. Like said in the previous posts, take some time off from training and dieting. Eat anything and everything for about a week or two, then go back to the gym ready to train. Even though you can use this supp everyday, i'd also try to get some amp. I've had my best workouts with this stuff.

  18. I think you have to set realistic goals for yourself and visualize them everyday. I am a strong believer in visualization. I've always been a big daydreamer and it used to get me in trouble at times, but now it is one of my biggest strengths. Just like Sunder stated, picture yourself and what your life would be like if you stay with it. I've read the mind can be tricked into thinking fantasy is reality and on a subconscious level you will actually start working towards what you are visualizing every day.

  19. Sounds like the winter time blues, depression is a bitch. I get it from time to time and it stinks, for me, i just keep going until one night I shut off all the phones, and just veg, i also shut my cell off there are days I dont feel like talking to anyone, and it lasts for awhile.

    the advice is good, take time, listen to your self, and what your feeling...But also know the difference between the winter blues and something major. get the help if you need it.
    RIP Ryan, :(

  20. Quote Originally Posted by rhunt000
    I've read the mind can be tricked into thinking fantasy is reality and on a subconscious level you will actually start working towards what you are visualizing every day.
    I posted on this in quite a bit of detail in the Bible Study Thread....check it out.

    The biggest thing for you right now is just to not entertain negative thoughts...only positive ones and then your life will go that direction.

  21. A week off will do wonders for your motiviation. Around this time every year I start getting burned out. So I take a week off and hit Vegas with a few buddies. No working out....just drinking, gambling, and eating whatever I feel like.

    By the time I get back, my drive and intensity is sky high!


  22. Go out, get in a fight with a big guy and get your ass kicked...that's instant motivation. LOL

    Seriously, time off is probably the most under rated aspect of BBing. I've learned over the last few years that less is more when it comes to working out and that I can retain gains for a month or two without working out if I need to. Just keep your diet in check, take a few weeks off and slowly cycle in some maintenance workouts.

  23. I hired a personal trainer at the local gym to re-moviate me. It seems to have helped me some. I'am dog ass tired when I leave the gym now anyway.

    Good luck.


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