Spring Break

  1. Spring Break

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if someone could let me know the best (busiest?) dates to go to Cancun (is this th best destination??) for spring break. I am from the UK so hear very little about it here, checked a few websites and they are a little unclear. Need to start getting in good shape for it and looking at booking it.

    Thanks for any help anyone can give.


  2. I might be heading down there too this year. Time to start the cut.

  3. IMO Panama City Beach, FL is better than Cancun. It's pretty much the same and the clubs are less crowded and its like 1/3 the cost. Either way though, you cant go wrong...Both are a blast!!

  4. South beach IMO !!! went there two years in a row, and went there with sand on a beach, it was still fun !!! Been to Mexico, Puerto Vallarta, beautiful but no gear, same stuff to do in Miami at half the cost, plus Collins st.and Ocean Drive have some of the most hottest women walking down the street. For every 20 girls there is maybe one ugly one. Odds of clapping are outrageous!!!

  5. Panama City and South Beach are always jumpin', Cancun is ok but it gets crowded quick..

  6. Oh crap is it that time of year again...

    "Newby"...posts 2...member since today.... "Hey boyzzz I needs to get me some abs befor I hit the beach at Rosorito, any pills I should take, and do I needz do excersise to? Thanks...

    Spring break here I come!!!

  7. last week of feb. till the last week in march is when all college spring breaks fall under basically.....my college spring break is on the late side and it is the last week in march

  8. I'd say first or 2nd week in March.

  9. Thanks for the replies, going to look into destinations and the dates suggested. March is cold and miserable in the UK, so eager to escape to the sun. And the hot college chicks are just a bonus I guess.

    On a more serious note, I needs to get me some abs before I hit the beach at Rosorito, any pills I should take, and do I needz do excersise to? Thanks...

    Only kidding, and I can assure you I am not the 'newbie' you are referring too. The reason I do not post often, because I just don't need to. research/reading almost always gets me the info I need about training and nutrition. Hell, I even enjoy researching it on my own, and I dont have the time for detailed logs at the moment.

    Any more advice/recommendations is welcomed and appreciated. I will retreat to lurker status, unless anyone has any questions.

    Thanks again


    p.s. refrieddreams I been a member longer than you

  10. March 11-19 here at OU

  11. Same here at UF...

    Saving my SD+Prostanozol cycle for summer.

    Started my Melting Point, pOWERFULL, Sesamin, Focus XT cut today.


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