Wanted to introduce myself.

  1. Wanted to introduce myself.

    Just wanted to introduce myself and to give a little back ground on myself. I was a member about a year ago, but I had to deploy(Marine) and I didnt remember any of my log in info. So I made a new one. SOme of the members may remember me. Designer Supps. takes care of me and my team mates. We have a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school and compete all over the east coast. We also have a MMA team, in which two of our guys hold titles at the moment. If anyone is interested we have a small website and forum. Just let me know and I will post the address. I dont want to break any rules. Looking forward to being here again.

  2. i do recall a jiu jitsu dude a while ago (marine), could've been you. in any case, welcome back brutha.

  3. It was probably me. Thanks.

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