Overclocking FAQ and N00b Guides?

  1. Overclocking FAQ and N00b Guides?

    Do you guys know of any that helped you out?

    I have RD ram which I hear is hard to overclock.. plus I know nothing about OC'ing so I'm working from the ground up.

    Ive got a 1.8 P4 I bought a little over a year ago, don't know my FSB speed.

  2. Yep the RD ram is pretty much a no go for oc'ing. However the p4 (depending on stepping) should go well, lots of guys get around 2.2~2.6 ghz out of theirs.





  3. How about a 1 ghz Athlon?

  4. Get enough cooling, and the Athlon should be just fine. You might even be able to do it in the BIOS instead of setting jumpers.

  5. With prices as low as they are these days. I'm surprised to see people are still overclocking. All the power to ya though!

  6. Most athalons do not overclock with out fixing a few things

    Try changing the settings in the bios and then check the clock speed on reboot, alot of times you can change the mulitplier setting but it will not change the setting itself.

    That said you can up the fsb setting and increase the speed, but at the same time you are then oc'ing your ram/hd/pci/agp slots by a few mghz unless you make the jump in 33mghz settins so the clock divider brings the other settings back to 33 mghz and 66 mghz for the agp. And in this case your ram also has to be overclocakable. I would suggest unlocking the athalon so you can simply change its multiplier. TO do this if you have an older one you can connect the L1 bridges with pencil, put tape over it to protect the graphite that is making the connection and your set. On newer ones they have a lazer cut pit between the bridges so you need to put super glue in the trench then use window defrost wire fixer to connect the L1 connectors. Trust me it works great my 1.4 is running around 1.6 now but could do 2.0 or more but I do not have a good enough fan to handle the heat.


    Google has plenty of other articles, search for athalon L1 unlock overclock

    To the question of why overlcock. Why not free performance baby! Why pay 600 for a p43ghz when you can pay like 200 for a 2.4 and oc it. And epseically when you oc with fsb setting the faster ram timings give the 2.4 running at 3.0 better speed than a stock 3.0

  7. i have a globe cooler... is that any good?

  8. NOt sure I looked at their web site and they have more than one model, so it really depends which cooler you have. The p4 should be able to overclock fairly well (around 2.2 ghz maybe) with a decent cooler.

    Here is a site with alot of coolers reviewed yours may be there


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