40 yr old virgin

  1. 40 yr old virgin

    anyone watch that movie? I just rented it last nite and thought it was hilarious

  2. Nice titties! They felt like a bag of sand!

    LOL! I bought the movie and agree its funny as hell.

  3. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    havent seen it..want to though...waiting on Netflix...

  4. i actually fell asleep, bored the hell out of me. I am pretty much a movie critic though. There are like 5 movies in which I actually liked.
  5. LMAO

    The only movie that comes close to being that hilarious is Wedding Crashers. They are the best two Guy flicks that I can remember. (41 yrs old)


  6. it was alright, there were some funny parts but a lot of swing a misses. the inrated version is actually really dirty.

    steve actaully starts to bleed when he is getting his hair removed.

  7. yep I had the unrated version

  8. yeah she was a ho....fo show. HAHAHA
    My favorite part is when he bitches out his co-worker's girlfriend.

  9. i actually expected it to be much funnier....dont get me wrong...there were some great parts but overall the movie was ok....

    wedding crashers on the other hand.....AWESOME!

  10. "Look Betty Cocker"


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