Which car will be more expensive on gas??

  1. Question Which car will be more expensive on gas??

    Hi. I was searching for which car I would pay more for gas for, and someone else posted something about cars on this site, so I just figured I would see if any of yall would know anything about this, cuz I don't. I am thinking about getting either of these two cars: a Lexus GS300, or a 4runner V6 2003 or newer- and I don't know which would be more expensive with gas. I know SUVs don't get as good gas mileage as cars do, but don't Lexus GS300's need premium gas, the most expensive kind? Therefore, which one would be more expensive to fill up? Thanks!

  2. The GS would be easier on gas; especially the new one; it has a newer designed V6 in it I'm pretty sure and gets better gas mileage than any other V6 out there relatively speaking (size and power taken in to consideration)

    new IS350s are dynoing 250whp on a mustang dyno through an automatic tranny, which reads lower than regular dynomometers; which is about 340hp at the crank... and it makes like 21 city and 28 highway mpg.

    The 4runner will make decent mileage; but it is a larger V6, and it has more load to carry around; so its gas ileage will go down

    I'm also not taking into consideration about gas type either. I may be wrong, but I'd bet the new GS needs premium. I KNOW the 2nd gen does (98-04)

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