Best thing since sex and the first time you put up 225!!!

  1. Best thing since sex and the first time you put up 225!!!

  2. i believe that is a fake. I've read it was a prairie dog hunt.

  3. Damn that sucks, that kinda motivated me a little.

  4. yeah i was like "woah ****" when i first saw it, but then i read a bunch of different posts that it was a hunt

  5. A prairie dog hunt? that second one looks like an arm flying through the air to me? They look a little big to me to be prairie dogs JMO

  6. It sounds (can be decieving) like a 50 CAL. I can't really make out what is getting wasted, but the shooter is on.

  7. Yeah i was thinking 50cal too considering the range and the destruction its causing. i didnt turn up the sound though.

  8. I dont know what its supposed to look like when someone gets sniped but to me that looks like a human being destroyed!!

  9. definately not prarie dogs.

  10. The one view looks like someone getting their head exploded by a high powered round going end over end off the mountain. I actually recvd this a few months ago from a friend at JAX NAS. Also have a few vids of what a flechette bomb can do, a small arms firefight in a city in Iraq that the US finally got fed up and called in an airstrike...(awesome)

    so many videos on the net have been "retouched", and it is hard to seperate truth from fiction.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by knox
    definately not prarie dogs.
    im going to give this a bump

  12. No, unfortunately, those aren't terrorists taking the piss at the hands of a 50BMG. While it is a formiddable as hell cartridge, it doesn't do that to humans. The FMJ varieties punch .50 inch holes in their targets. Temporary cavitation can get up to 1.5", so dismemberment is possible for thin joints, and JSP rounds can increase this damage by an order of magnitude --- but nothing as explosive as what you've seen can result.

    Humans are simply too heavy to get knocked around by that bullet like that. If that weren't true, it would be impossible to fire the gun without blowing yourself away. And take a look at the first shooting --- the target is launched into the sky completely, nothing remains on the rock. Simply not possible, unless they're shooting terrorist infants.

    Prarie dogs, on the other hand, are quite light, and they don't have a very robust structure. Thus, they are prime candidates for spontaneous explosive disassembly when shot with a 50BMG round.

    Most likely, those are excerpts from the "Dog be Gone" DVD. ( Take a look at some of the clips on that site, and you'll see the similarities between those shootings and the one linked to in this thread.

  13. prarie dogs....people....whatever was in that video.....was pretty crazy...

  14. Do prarie dogs even live in the mountians? Pretty sure they are found mainly in the praries...Hence the name "prarie". Anyway, I don't think they are people getting blasted after watching the video again. But I think it is some sort of animal. Very impressive shooting either way.

  15. Well, wound ballistics I know --- animals, I do not. Whatever was getting shot was prarie-dog-ish, but I have no idea if that's in fact what it is. (Was...)

  16. it looks like moutain ox........there is alot of these in the middle east, they live in the mountains and jump around very fast.

  17. I live at the foothills of a mountain and i get coyotes in my neighborhood all the time, they come from farther up the mountain down into my area.

  18. People, it's physics. No bullet has enough mass to make a human fly backwards (or anywhere).

  19. Quote Originally Posted by doggzj
    People, it's physics. No bullet has enough mass to make a human fly backwards (or anywhere).
    Have you ever shot a 50 cal at a person? I am going to guess not!!! Somewhere, and I will try to locate, it is stated that a 50cal round can tear a human head off with just velocity, not even contact, if it come to withing 17" of the head. If it is true, I have no idea as I still have me head and not seen it done. My point is, let me shoot you with a 50 cal and I bet your ass will do a back flip.

  20. I believe .50 cal hollowpoints have the ability to rip off a body part if it were to hit at a joint or something. So i think they should have the ability to blow off the head of something. But a back flip might be a slight exagerration, I've shot elk with a .50 cal and never saw them do a back flip. But then again i was never shooting at an upward angle, so who knows.

  21. First off, I'm located in the Rockies and prarie dogs are freaking everywhere. Second, the fifty can put a nice hole in someone, but I highly doubt anything to the extreme of this video.

  22. You need to take in to consideration the type of bullet being fired. A FMJ round will go right through, where a hollow point round will open up and probably take the head, arm, leg off if hit in the right place. Now put a lead soft point round in that baby and when it hits and flatens out the size of small plate, it could definitely slam your head back and bring your feet up and toss you off a mountain.

  23. Let's assume that the bullet lodges in the target (which doesn't happen, it passes through, but my point will still remain). If that happens, we can analyze the situation using momentum.


    M = mass of human
    m = mass of bullet
    v = muzzle velocity of bullet
    V = velocity of human and bullet after impact


    [1] (M+m)V = mv

    We can calculate V as follows:

    [2] V = mv / (M+m)

    Let's call an average target 180 pounds. A typical 50BMG cartridge (i.e., the U.S. M33), is 668 grain and has a muzzle velocity of 2910 fps. Converting everything to metric, we have the following values for our known variables:

    M = 81.65 kg
    m = 0.04329 kg
    v = 887.0 m/s

    Plugging these values into equation [2] above, we can determine that V = 0.4700 m/s, or 1.542 fps.

    Analyzing these results, it appears that, if a person is struck by a 50BMG round at full velocity, and the bullet lodges completely within them so that the full force of the bullet is felt, we can expect the target to stumble back about 1.5 feet. If they drop, it will either be because of a psychological reaction to being shot, or because of physiological incapication resulting from a central nervous system hit.

    In reality, the bullet will not lodge itself in the target, and the velocity of the bullet will decrease over distance, so these results will be reduced markedly. So, no, those targets cannot be human --- it would break the laws of newtonian physics, and we're not dealing with general and/or special relativity speeds here, so quantum physics do not apply. And it is absolutely impossible to injure a person by having a .50BMG whiz by --- it must hit them.

    BTW, your average prairie dog, with a weight of 2.5 lbs = 1.134 kg, will be moving at 32.62 m/s = 107.0 fps after a perfectly inelastic collision with an M33 round at full velocity. Hence my opinion as to the species of the targets in the video.

  24. Damn son, it's hard to argue when you put it like that (I haven't a clue as to what you said.....) I had a hard enough time in the Corp just learning how to compensate for wind velocity and bullet drop! I agree 100% about having to "hit" the target, not just wiz on by.....(unless it scares them so bad they fall off the mountain!)


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