Need help with muscle cramps

  1. Need help with muscle cramps

    For the last couple of weeks I've been getting thigh and calf cramps when lifting.....any suggestions on how to stop/avoid them????

  2. more water

  3. tattoopierced1
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    Quote Originally Posted by revodrew
    more water
    yes, also some more potassium may help.

  4. Will do...I'll increase the water intake. How much potassium? More then in a multi vit?

  5. Do you like Gwen Stafoni? Cause I would eat 2 BAnanas a day!!

    Stupid Joke, just happy that work ends in like one hour.


  6. hahahaha cute joke!!
    2 B-A-N-A-N-A-S worth gotcha

  7. thats just me, are you trying to cut or anything? Everyone is differant but thats what I eat every day

  8. Yupe I'm starting to cut. I have a competition coming up that I need to cut down for.

  9. If that the case I am not sure how that would fit into your diet. Are you already cutting out your sodium? The change in your diet could be effecting you, have you done this before?

  10. no not to this extreme (competition form) sodium is cut down but not out .....yet

  11. So your not to the point where you are drinking the distilled water yet? Right now is when you have to be very carefull with your body. How weeks out are you from show form?

  12. I always drink distilled to how many weeks out - I have 8 weeks to go but will ask my trainer - I have a HORRID sence of body image.

  13. you always drink distilled water, thats strange. What are your reasons for that? Just curious. Every trainer has certain tips, interested to know why.

  14. I started drinking distilled water when I was in Japan. it was easier to get and tasted better.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by Head Nurse
    I started drinking distilled water when I was in Japan. it was easier to get and tasted better.
    Oh, I see! How low are you on sodium intake now?


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