Body-for-Life, Bill Phillips

  1. Body-for-Life, Bill Phillips

    Just wondering what everybody thinks about the Bill Phillips and his training and diet techniques. I've personally done one of his 12 week programs with decent results. I lost a decent amount of fat but my muscle never really grew and I think my chest got smaller. Anyways, just curious.

  2. BFL is good for people just starting out, and who want to lose fat. That is the first program I ever did, and it definitely worked. Not sure it would do much now, though.

  3. i think it's a great starting point for people to educate themselves about nutrition/training. it's definetly not for bodybuilders, but the weekend warrior type would benefit from it.

    overall, it's pretty solid info
  4. Thumbs down

    Bill Pillips is a prick, and is not popular among bodybuilders, this forum has training and diet advice that far exeeds anything in BFL, if you think I sound harsh, go watch the BFL movie. Since seeing it, I will never purchase an eas product, despite him not owning the company anymore.

  5. BFL is a decent beginner's book the info I've seen here & at Avant Labs ****s all over Phillips' BFL.

  6. I used it back when I started lifting in HS (at 17 years old). As a beginner, I found it to be a very good read and the program really got me started out on the right foot. I have no reason to bash it.


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