Trouble seeing quotes

  1. Trouble seeing quotes

    When I view a post that quotes another post I just see a light blue box with light blue text---not easily read. How can I fix that?


  2. You can change your skin to the other one and see if that helps.

  3. Thank you Mr. D. I hate to sound stupid, do I do that....I looked around the links but didn't find a skin option.

  4. Okay I can relate trust me.. it took me a little bit to find it when Chemo announced the new one...
    Okay got to your user cp
    then go to the opitions
    then there is a drop down menu right above your avatar that says "style set" just pick protoskin and hit submit changes and you are set...

  5. Thanks. I did that and now I have a light blue background with beige text...still unreadable, I guess I'll have to play with my browser settings.

  6. Okay.. I have a lite grey background.. you might want to look at your monitor settings Hal

  7. That didn't work...I'll keep poking around...
    Thanks Matt.

  8. For some reason that same problem is seen on Macs of all versions. Are you possible using a Mac terminal?


  9. Chemo, what don't you know? I am a mac guy and I'd rather kill than switch. I know that the rest of the world is windows...but then....well, I don't give a sh_t what most of the world does...I can use my computer...really max it out and custimize without worries about drivers, I ain't got no virus worries, no blue screen...I can't remember the last time I rebooted...couple of months without a restart. I can run windows apps too when I need to, via "Virtual PC". The only reason I see to use a windoze box is cost. I've yet to meet someone that has experience with either system that has chosen windoze.
    Anyway, this rant has been off-topic. I'll poke around and figure out a fix.


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