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    Just need a little input from the good folks of the board. I am an English major who plans on teaching high school and possibly coaching baseball. The other phase of my career plan that I have really been thinking about lately is strength and conditioning. I know that when I was in high school, the extent of our strength program consisted of a coach opening the weight room and reading the paper while we fiddled around with the weights, and bunk "health" classes.

    The more I think about doing this, the more excited I get. I don't know about you guys, but like I said, this is something I never had in high school and I think it really hurts a lot of kids. I have done a few papers on steroids, ph's, and supps, and one thing it always comes down to is education. I figure most people have their first experience with weights at the high school level and most coaches lack the time or knowledge, or schools lack the funds to hire someone from the outside, excluding the school nurse who gives a general health class talk.

    I plan on calling the local high school this week to begin my volunteering and I would like it to be in the weight room, so I am glad to have this board for info. I know that eventually I will need more than just general knowledge, but school will take up my brain power before I can get my pt cert.

    Anyway, what do you guys think? Am I off base on this? I have been out of high school for a decade now. What was the experience like for you younger guys?

  2. I teach at a high school and I recommend that you first find a high school that is supportive of your programs or ideas or else you will have a looong school year. It happened to me my first year, I worked for a school that payed more than other schools but I didn't have much flexibility with running the type of program I wanted.

  3. Thats and awsome idea. I just graduated high school and its still exactly what is was when you where there.
    I remember when I started lifting not knowing at all what i was doing. I would train the front of my upper body almost exclusively. And i was a newb so i got awsome results....but only on my chest and arms. My posture got way ****ed up from being so pulled forward. Im still in the last stages of correcting that here three years later.
    Thats a killer idea

  4. But just because you have knowledge about the subject doesn't mean the school will believe you'd be a good help.
    If I was you I would become a certified trainer first, even though its crap it will silence their fears.

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