Whats you favorite Arnold Movie?

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  1. Whats you favorite Arnold Movie?

    So, what is (are) your favorite Arnold movie(s)?


  2. Man, that's a tough one! Either Conan the barbarian or maybe ********. Commando was good too..also the Terminator, T2, Raw Deal, The Running Man man was cool, I really liked Total Recall...........

    Damnit I don't know, but he kicks ass!!

  3. no vote for pumping iron? doesnt get better then pumping iron. after that total recall or anyhting very early gets my vote.

  4. T2. although kindergarden cop was spectacular (ha) Sage

  5. hmm... conan the barbarian, true lies was ok, T2...

  6. i think t2 was my favorite......but most all of 'em are good. everytime i watch pumping iron i wanna go do squats till i drop

  7. Scavenger Hunt. Anybody remember that one? Probably the 1st Terminator or Pumping Iron. True Lies was good as well.

  8. How about Hercules Goes Bananas or Hercules in New York starring Arnold Strong?

  9. wow... favorite Arnold movie... mmm... how can I name just one?? I like em all except for Junior.. that was lame... but if I had to name one.. I'll go with Total Recall.. I love Sci Fi movies...

  10. T2. T3 is coming out soon, but I'm not too sure about it. Arnie's looking a bit old these days. I'm sure it'll still be a fantastic action movie, just as T2 was.

  11. Arnold is looking a little worn - but he's still the man. I think it was that chest surgery that took a little out of him. On the special features section of the Collateral Damage DVD (A great film, IMO), theres a scene where he comes out of his trailer and strikes a pose for some fans, and damn, he's still got it all right. The thing is, in the new films you dont really see a lot of him with his shirt off, and that's what makes the movie!

    Hercules in NY was actually pretty good!! Horrible production, but Arnold was funny as hell in it. I love it at the end of Pumping Iron when he takes a hit of the joint All the obscure ones are cool, they were made back when he was so huge.

    As far as T3 goes, Im a little skeptical...It sucks that Linda Hamilton isnt going to be in it. People who have read the script say it rocks, though. There's actual a final Conan sequal in the works. Now THAT should be interesting. Id like to see some more movies where hes just kicking ass and taking names.

    Remember Red Heat and Raw Deal, they real good too. Hell, I like them all. The ones I like a lot are the ones Ive seen 30 times


  12. Favorite Arnold movie is Conan (the first one, not the crappy sequel) and second is either ******** or Terminator 1.

    T3 just doesn't look that great to me but I've got really high hopes for King Conan: Crown Of Iron. The original director John Milius is directing and writing it and the Wachoski brothers (the Matrix) are supposed to be producing. Conan's weapon of choice is going to be a really big battle axe.

  13. That will be the best movie...ever!

  14. Not in any order:

    True Lies

    I can't wait to see T3 this summer here's some trailers if you want to take a look.

    SuperBowl Trailer



  15. Originally posted by 2cAnnons
    no vote for pumping iron? doesnt get better then pumping iron. after that total recall or anyhting very early gets my vote.
    oh boy am i with ya on that one

  16. I liked True Lies and Eraser, ******** is awesome!, I cant find pumping iron anywhere, anyone have a extra copy on dvd?

  17. Panther06 you could download Pumping Iron from Kazaa, I'm not sure if its even on DVD.

  18. still on vhs unfortuntaely the dvd version is coming soon

  19. Terminator

  20. wow this is an old thread from the dead, yeahright.

    I liked Commando, ********, and Conan best.

    Is there going to be a new Conan movie? if so who will act? I think that a high budget well directed Conan would be awesome!

  21. You gotta love arnold's humor its so........i cant find the word but its classic.

  22. True Lies - it has both the Arnold's at their best.

  23. WHAT ABOUT JINGLE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  24. Man can't believe I missed this thread back in the day.

    ..... and I thought Twins was really good to.(Yackety Yack)
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  25. Kindergarden Cop is a good family movie!


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