Hey guys, I am looking to get a job here in Mahattan and I want to get my personal training cert from an accredited certification. My only problem is that I don't have any incoming source of money to pay for materials, testing, etc. I know most certs are just a foot in the door and that experience is the best teacher, but I have been training people for years uncertified and getting them great results. This new gym is opening up soon and the bills are stacking up as well as the student loans. WOULD ANYONE HERE BE WILLING TO DONATE ANY RECENT STUDY MATERIALS THEY HAVE GOTTEN? IF NOT DONATE IS THERE A CHANCE OF SETTLING FOR A SMALL FEE? Again remember I am coming here because I just do not have the money for everything that is required and do not want some BS cert.
    I am looking for any NBFE accredited certification, pretty much any of the big name certs such as.... (the top four being the ones I am most looking after)

  2. It isn't going to help much bro, because, they still charge the same amount for the test. They basically make you buy the books, etc, too (unfortunately).

  3. Thats cool, well if anyone does have material please post a response. I am getting many different responses from many different people across the boards.

  4. honestly, Atlas, I don't see myself parting w/ the materials I have (the book & the videos, anyway - the rest is essentially worthless, can't see what use you could make out of it) - I expect I'll be using them for reference.

    The total cost of ALL the materials including a 2-day workshop was like $150 - the TEST was 500, all by itself.

    sorry to be unhelpful, man!

  5. NASM can be ordered with the book on a CD...I can't see why someone couldn't burn a copy or send it to you as a PDF. I would but I have the hard copy...

  6. Thanks guys....I appreciate your honesty and your help. I figure it was worth a shot. I hope someone takes your advice Brennon. I still hope someone decides to part with there material, any help is appreciated!

  7. Hey BW, get on that log, I'm pulling for you old man! LOL

  8. Hey Atlas I have the ISSA materials, but is going to cost ya $495 no matter what, they dont break up the cost if you already have the materials, sorry bro... try and see if you can Bounce in clubs, or something unconventional for some quick cash...

  9. JESUS H. CHRIST!!! $500 for a test! Thanks brother. I think I have a guy who is willing to give me the ACE and I believe someone else told me the test is $200 so that looks to be the route I am gonna go, but I gotta check out the price of NSCA as I here the price is similar to ACE and it is much more respected.....NSCA and NASM are my top choices. Thanks guys. Still looking around. If anybody wants to help out check out my RESUME thread.....thanks brothers.....will update once I get some certification. As a matter of fact will most gyms hire you with some bull**** like this.....

  10. Right now it's to get my foot in the door. After that I can save up and study for one of the more respected certs. I hear the lowest payrate at Crunch GYM is $29.50 for a gym!!!

  11. Biggity bump to the question in regard to that online Cert.


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