for all the protestors,remember 9/11

  1. for all the protestors,remember 9/11

    in the history of "our" nation there have been protestors of war.i wish they would all watch this!

  2. umm...saddam and al quaeda arent related...sorry

  3. Originally posted by zeromagnus
    umm...saddam and al quaeda arent related...sorry
    i didnt say anything about sadam or al queda,sorry

  4. There IS a link between Al Qaida and Saddam. We have Al Qaida operating in Iraq right now.

  5. i agree.. i ****ing HATE anti war protestors.. they never see the bigger picture... they rather let more people die down the road than end it now and forever... im very pro war right now.. it needs to be done.. id be over there supporting it myself right now if i werent in college doing what im doing.. ill have a job supportin it though .. im doing nuclear engineering haha

  6. i'm not anti-war...i just question...i dont follow blindly...i dont support bush...but i support the is being done...and the military has my backing to get it done...and quickly at that...using any and every force we have at our disposal...

  7. I agree, do not believe we are fighting this war for the right reasons, however, those are American troops over there, and we should stand and support OUR soldiers. To sit and protest, is a disgrace, and in all honesty, I fdeel every one of those jackasses should be given a free airline ticket to the third-world nation of their choice and let them see the life they had here in the US. That life was bought and paid for by US soldiers and their blood. You may not respect the decision, however, RESPECT our soldiers.

  8. Here's what I think..

    September 10, 2001, my mom, a flight attendant for American Airlines, arrives home, safe.  She arrived on the same Boston to L.A. flight that the terrorists would use to destroy one of the Twin Towers.

    Yes, those putrid, poor excuses of men missed murdering my Mother by 24 hours.  So you can see that this event brought the War on Terrorism right to my front door, to my dinner table, next to me on the couch watching television...

    I could just say "I hate war protestors" and end my response, but that would not be enough.

    No.  Not enough... not ever.

    Funding for terrorists has to come from somewhere...Somewhere could be Pakistan, where all IP gear is bought/sold from...somewhere could be Iraq, where their leader hated the US because We can bring down his private world of anguish and privation that he so willingly gives his people, and simultaneously bring down the world of luxury that he all his associates live in.

    He was mad at us before.. becuase we could bring it all he's ****ting his pants becuase we actually are.

    Yes this war on terrorsim and war on Iraq weighs heavily on my heart...

    Last Saturday (2003 march 22):

    Get up at 3:00am...sign this...sign that...give blood...piss in a cup..."turn your head and cough"...height, weight, "duck walk"...fingerprints...optical ...hearing...sign this aging, sign that again...

    I enlisted in the Navy...Operations Specialist (OS), and SEAL...guaranteed...I leave 3 Dec 2003.

    So to all anti-war types:

    Do not spew your liberal thoughts upon me....they will fall upon deaf ears


    Read This Book!!: Anabolic Steroids and the Athlete by William N. Taylor M.D.

  9. Alright Lifegaurd, if you get the chance give them hell.

    You know, I didnt see any of those ****heads in the Middle East Protesting about September 11. For about two hours on that day I didnt know if I still had a brother or not, he was in the Pentagon at the time it was hit. And now he is in Saudi Arabia.

    It has been proven that Saddam and al qeada have links.

    I am 100 percent in support of our president and our military, if I wasnt diabetic I would go back in.

    As far as I'm concerned **** Saddam, **** bin laden, **** al qeada, **** the anti-war protestors, and now **** all the countries who dont support us. And for those of you who dont think the war against terrorism and this war are the same, why don't you ask any Iraqi you find. The ones I've talked to are glad as hell the US is going in there.

  10. For all the anti-war protesters, here is the solution:


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