Car Enthusiasts? -

Car Enthusiasts?

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    Car Enthusiasts?

    Excuse my spellings.  Any of you into nice automobiles?  May it be classic, hot rod, or modern sedans.  What do you like, or what do you drive?  I haven't had anything fantastic, but here is a list of cars I have owned:

    80 Mercury Capri I6 auto.  Looks fast, goes slow.

    85 Pontiac Fiero 2m4 auto.  Girls like it, but it's also slow.

    89 Celica GTS 5 spd.  Most reliable car I owned.  Sporty, looks nice.  Semi-quick.

    87 Supra Turbo Targa 5 spd.  Nice looking, but heavy.  Mine had a downpipe,

      removed catalytic converters, manual boost control, 3" exhaust, HKS intake etc.

    Do not work well in Canadian winters.

    85 Corolla GTS 5 spd.  Cost me close to nothing, and didn't spend much $

      maintaining it.  Reliable, rusty, but has the nice MR2 engine. 

    98 Nissan Maxima 5 spd.  My first new car.  My friends like it cuz it has rear

      room!!  Nice looking, pretty fast, and lot of goodies.

    2002 Nissan Maxima 6 spd.  Looks not as good as the previous generation, especially the back end.  More toys than before, and faster.

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    My current car is a Subaru Impreza 2.5rs.  I love the all wheel drive, I could never go back to 2 wheel drive.  The most fun is in winter in a nice big snow covered parking lot.  Driving on gravel roads is lots of fun. 
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    Yeah, here's one of my rides. Beside my CBR 600, Avatar, I've got an '88 S-10 Blazer. It's got some big swampers, and a loud ass small block V8. Pushing 350 HP, and neighbors complaining about it all the time. God I love muscle
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