a little help please

  1. a little help please

    okay, I know that anything from Impact Nutrition is crap and over priced. My question is, it it crap bacause it's over priced or just straight crap? The reason I'm asking is because back in July I bought a fat caliper from them and decided to enter my name into a drawing just for the hell of it. They just called me yestersay saying I won $300 in free suplements. Since it's free, should I even bother giving them a try?
    Just got my own internet store, great gifts for Fathers day. Watches, Jewelry, Cologne, Vitamins

  2. free is free. i dont think they could mess up on whey or on ........... well just get a lot of whey.

  3. Oh yeah defintely dont even bother with it. Just go ahead and you can send it to me.

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