Messed up my ankle?

  1. Messed up my ankle?

    Alright, today in my fitness class we were messing around because its almost the end of the year. We played a game kinda like capture the flag and it involved a decent amount of sprinting on my part. After class all was well and I went in chilled on the computer for an hr till my next class. While walking to my next class something didn't feel right, and I realized I could not dorsiflex my right foot. It makes me walk kinda funny but doesnt hurt. When I lift my right leg to walk my foot just hangs down. Now a few hours later it does hurt a little when I walk but more than anything it is just an annoyance. I can still plantarflex it but cant dorsiflex it. Did I do something to my anterior tibialis? I'm at a loss as to what I did because nothing ever hurt when I was runnig around. Any ideas people?

  2. Tib ant is a good thought. Did you feel a pop, or was there any acute onset of pain? How is it doing today?

    Dorsiflex the uninjured ankle and palpate the tib ant as it crosses the ankle joint. It is a prominent joker, slightly medial to the midline. Now check the injured side. Tenderness/swelling there? Can you feel the tendon itself?

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