Blood pressure high, specfically the systolic number.

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    Blood pressure high, specfically the systolic number.

    I have taken my blood pressure afew times on my own omron m1 monitor and in a supermaket store, on both it came out high 140s and about 80 on the second number.

    The last reading i took was 146/79 which means i have a high pulse pressure. Im not on gear at the moment but i feel that steroids and my weight are the cause of this! I started training when i was about 130lbs now and iv bulked up over the last 3 years to about 188lbs, done 3 cycles but nothing high dose just standard stuff. Im only 5ft8 so im considerd well overweight for my height. and im thinking i may just be to heavy for my frame and this is causing my blood pressure to be so high also i dont do any cardio at all because iv been so concerned with bulking.

    has anyone had experiance with a high systolic reading but normal diastolic reading? I think it means my heart is pumping really hard and can mean serious problems with the heart in young adults. Im gonna start cutting right away and loose the fat im currently about 18 to 20% bodyfat. Do you think this will help?

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    Sorry to hear about your high blood pressure.

    I am not a doctor and I would seek some professional advice.

    Losing BF and eating clean and cardio has def helped my blood pressure and I have done about 3 cycles of methyls in the last 12 months and I have dropped my BP from prehyper back down to a normal range and dropped my resting pulse 20 bpm.

    Some people are predispositioned for heart problems and a checkup is a good idea.
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    Im gonna start cutting right away and loose the fat im currently about 18 to 20% bodyfat. Do you think this will help?
    That's definately a start - knocking the fat off would definately help, however you've got to get the cardio in there bro.

    That's pretty high man..

    All the best

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    Nerdy statistic for you guys my prof told me- for every 10 lbs you lose, your systolic BP will go down at least 4 mmHg.

    Best of luck to you Radio. These guys are dead on with the diet and cardio advice.

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