17 on anabolic extreme need advice

  1. 17 on anabolic extreme need advice

    hey everyone im 17 and in the past ive had growth problems. I took saizen Growth hormone for about 3 years and now im about 6"2, most nearly near my full height. I just recently started taking anabolic extreme's superdrol, but im concerned about what effect it will have on my puberty and ****. I have the bone age still of like a 15 year old, meaning i still have much time for growth, not just in height, but in everything. Anyone think ax superdrol will effect me in some way? please advise

  2. yeah .. its going to **** up your natural test levels and at your age that's a horrible horrible thing to have happen .. your body is in a state of growth and change .. ****ing with your hormones at your age is a terrible mistake

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