how to properly do a barbell curl

  1. how to properly do a barbell curl

    Thought you guys might get need some advice on how to curl. Got this from another site.

  2. BAHAHAHA ....... teach him to get a gym membership! lol i used to work out in my backyard for a while with a preacher/bench and curled no more then a foot away from the sliding glass window and ill tell you there where some close calls!

  3. that was great!!

  4. haha that was great! "aaaaaaaah"

  5. ahahah

  6. The was funny when the runt instinctively shouted MA-MA! MAAAA!

  7. i feel bad for that kid, i never did that in particular, but i f*cked up a lot of **** in my parents house doing retarded stuff when i was younger.

  8. ROTFLZ!!!

  9. Free weights near pets=bad idea


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