Self-Tan products

  1. Self-Tan products

    What is a good sunless tanning product?  There are stuff that one can get at cosmetic places, but how about stuff at the supermarket?  Do you think any are worthwhile?  I have tried expensive stuff like Lancome, as well as cheaper ones like Neutrogena, and even Hawaiian Tropics. 

    What do you use?  BTW, I use tanning beds as well.  In the summer I do quite a bit of tanning outside. 


  2. i saw a lady in ky a month or 2 ago, i innocently asked when she went 2 the beach? she told me it was a sunless tanning application sold by mary kay. dude it was totally even, truly looked totally natural.

  3. Hey check this place out... got some good tips on sunless tanning plus reviews

  4. Pro Tan works pretty good, doesnt stain your skin that bad, mostly washes off, i have yet to see one that washes off 100% after you put it on.

  5. I got some stuff off the TV one time and it was GREAT.

    It is colored so you can see it when it goes on. I even was able to do my face and it didnt look strange even around the eyes and nose. It didnt streak or anything.

    You want to use the plastic gloves when you put it on. I never really used the body scruber lotion you are suppose to use before putting on the tanner and it still lasted a LONG time.

    It lasted almost a year but I didn't use it too much.

    If you put on a tshirt or whatever within an hour of putting on the lotion you will get brown on it. But after that it does NOT rub off. Whatever does get on your clothes washes out easitly.

    Of course it is NOT a sun screen so make sure you don't go out in the sun thinking you wont burn.

    I just had to search and search til I found a picture of it. Here is a link. The price is MUCH lower than I paid. Maybe you can find it cheaper someplace else.

  6. Jweave promotes this a lot...... I know why? Do you?
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