AHH Job Interview - need some tips

  1. Question AHH Job Interview - need some tips

    well im a little nervous but im 100% sure ill get the job, but i still have to do my first real job interview. i know most of your bros are older than me and have done many of them, so give me some pointers, good things to say, ways to act, etc to help my interview go smoothly.

    my aunt and dad's best friend run the club im going to work out so im sure ill get the job but i have to do an interview with some other dude ... so

    Thanks bros 

  2. Be yourself.......... When they ask all those stupid phyc questions like they do now just come up with real world answers.... Thats all I can say. i have not goten a job where I have been through an interveiw.... Talk to ya...
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  3. Sit straight, don't fidget and most importantly have confidence.

  4. Tell them this: "That I seek to be an assett in all that I do or am involved with and it is my desire to be an assett to the goals, values, and vision of _____________(enter company name here)."

    Tell them you enjoy being apart of a team and that look forward to being able to do your part to be successful.

  5. OH, when you talk to them, look them in the eye. Everything else will work out bro. I actually love interviews and I'm damn good at them!

  6. Look, sound and act confident. Don't let your vision wander, look straight into the interviewers eyes and try not to hesitate.

    That's all their is to it.

  7. thanks fellas, will keep all this in mind. i got the outfit, i will sit up straight, try to look them in the eyes but for some reason when i look people in their eyes mine start hurting but ya WW7 im really good at making anything i say sound really good and was always the "speaker" for any group i took part in. i can convince a bum that hes a rich man  im gonna have to write your quote on a peice of paper and when they ask me how can i be of service to them ... im gonna be like hold on let me get this paper out and read it to them

    thanks alot fellas, and ill let you know how it goes. im a little scared, but mostly excited.

  8. Yeah I'm damn good at interviews myself. I think the key is confidence in yourself without being cocky, just assertive and calm. Eye contact is key also, everyone in hiring knows and respects this. Good luck Ralph


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