1. woot.com


    Just thought I'd pass this along, being its Christmas time and all and we're all trying to be real generous and not go broke at the same time (I know I am, anyway! Going broke, that is)

    There's this web site: www.woot.com and everyday they'll have a cool item at some ridiculous price discount. For instance, last week I checked the page and they had the 10 DVD Ultimate Matrix collection with the bust of Keanu Reeves for $19. I bought my wireless CF card for my PocketPC off woot for $14. Today they have a coffee machine you couldnt find in stores for less than $80 for $35. Stuff like that.

    Anyway, worth a look if you're trying to save some green.


  2. not to bust ur chops...Refurbished (listed under description)


  3. Hey man its sold out anyway Seriously though - some wicked deals on there Im tellin' ya.
  4. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    woot is awesome..been using them for some time...

  5. THANKS!!

    Now, if they only took paypal!



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