If you live in Florida

  1. If you live in Florida

    If you live in Florida, what city do you live in? I'm in NPR

  2. Used to live in Miami, but I go to UF now, so Gainesville.

  3. Melbourne

  4. West Palm Beach

  5. My Aunt and Uncle lives in NPR. My grandmother and most of my father's side of the family lives in Panama City

  6. Jacksonville (sometimes considered South Georgia!!!)

  7. jacksonville here

  8. tallahassee

  9. Whorelando

  10. Orlando as well.

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  11. The Villages

  12. Bradenton

  13. West Palm Beach here...

  14. sarasota

  15. Miami here.... north miami beach to be more exact- that's when I'm not away at school

  16. Vero Beach here....

  17. Wellington (right next to West Palm Beach)

  18. This thread is very intersting!

  19. Inverness

  20. Quote Originally Posted by sweet-physique
    Wellington (right next to West Palm Beach)
    I live in Wellyworld too, but most folks would not know where that is so I just say West Palm

  21. Quote Originally Posted by refrieddreams
    This thread is very intersting!

    But I'll contribute...Larghetto.
    Admin @ undergroundfreakzforife.com
    (That's right, we are BACK!!!)
    Elite Member @ freakzonline.com

  22. Palm city where the pimps live

  23. Quote Originally Posted by AGELESS View Post
    Vero Beach here....
    used to live there...now marathon.

  24. damn this thread is old! just saw that!


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