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    Thanks anabolicminds for the personal invitation to introduce myself. I do visit often trying to gain more knowledge. I'm 40, 5'11", 210. Actually just finished a 3 week SD cycle(10,20,20), gained roughly 13lbs, strength really increased and at 2 weeks into my pct I still feel strong in the gym. Libido is in bad shape right now, sometimes I think its improving then sometimes it proves me wrong. Pct includes nolva, rebound, fenugreek,and tribulus. Really just glad to have the mind to still exercise at 40. Thanks anabolicminds.
    Just a couple of my pics.
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  2. tattoopierced1
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    looks like you are in great shape at any age...bravo brother!

  3. Welcome! We need more old farts around here.


  4. vvvelcommmeee!!!

  5. Coming to this site is definitely one of the best ways to keep your motivation to work out. Enjoy



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