Thanksgiving Pre/Post Feast Weigh In :D

  1. Thanksgiving Pre/Post Feast Weigh In :D

    After reading Glen's post in the other Thanksgiving thread, I thought it would be funny to have a pre/post feast weigh in. Feasting commences in 45min for me. I'll weigh in at my parents house before the gluttony ensues

  2. I'm hovering at 203lbs, 8%bf.. I eat again (actual feasting) around 4pm..

  3. Check it out guys. I'm in Florida and the parents are in Delaware so no family feast today. However, The neighbor across the street is bringing over a plate soon and my wife's friends will be dropping food by later. I'm hungry now. So what I'm going to do is weigh in before and after all three meals are consumed. I'm going to be as full as a tick. Great idea Beowulf. This should be fun. Oh, Don't forget some Oatmeal to go along with your meals. I just want to make sure everyone is getting their calories in today. I won't be drinking but I bet some others posting here soon will be LIT. Who's wasted with the family? Let's here it!

  4. Starting Weight: 198.4
    This was with a couple of protein shakes, and 4 Guinnesses (consumed btwn 10am and 11:30am )

    Finish Weight: 202.6

    Hate to say it, but Turkey Day blows Bobo's bulking program away

    ...although the gains don't seem to be quite as lean

  5. started at 204 .. currently i'm 209

  6. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    started at 204 .. currently i'm 209
    Dammit, stay outta my weightclass..

    6lbs in less than 2hrs is always welcome!

  7. w00t i think i hit about 207 haha. i feel like the increddible blob right now. i cant wait to get to the gym tomorrow and work this lard off.

    so... should i feel guilty haha?
  8. tattoopierced1
    tattoopierced1's Avatar

    dont know how much i weighed afterwards, but i had trouble breathing for an hour after i got done eating....laid out on the couch, hands stretched above head to try and get as much air into the lungs as possible...having to go to 3 separate dinners sucks....

  9. 167 @ 8% before
    165 two days afterwards...

    Yup! I ate my ass off... and ran 10 miles in two days in Panama City because of the beautiful weather (low 60s and no clouds)... and because my 2nd cousin wanted to run with me.... though he wimped out after a mile each time.


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