1. Thanksgiving

    Well, tomorrow's the big day! Those lucky guys bulking have an all-you-can-eat ticket to paradise , and those less fortunate fellas cutting can take a much deserved break ! I wanted to open this thread to hear what everyone's plans are for tomorrow.
    Also, if anyone would like to share a little praise for how they've been blessed, that would be sweet as well! Just one thing I'm incredibly thankful for is this forum. Anabolic Minds is my second home and a wonderful place of knowledge and fellowship. I've made many friendships here that are sure to bless me with a lifetime of good times. Thank you Bobo and mods for keeping this place up and running in tip-top shape , and thank you to all those who have made my experience here a most enjoyable one!

    But if nothing else, I want to wish everyone an awesome Thanksgiving holiday and a graciously long weekend. Everyone will need the long weekend to digest all that turkey

    God bless you all, and happy Thanksgiving! Godspeed, friends.


  2. tattoopierced1
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    bump on that CrownedOne. I'm just gonna stuff my face other real plans than that. Might get a workout in at the gym, but other than that, it sitting on my butt with as much turkey and stuffing as I can put on a plate.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone, I wont be on till Mon. so I wanted to tell to be safe and have a good thanksgiving.- Witty

  4. Quote Originally Posted by TheCrownedOne
    Also, if anyone would like to share a little praise for how they've been blessed, that would be sweet as well!
    Steven, why don't you share some experiences in the bible study thread as well as I'm sure you have plenty.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  5. No big plans here. Work tonight, sleep-in tomorrow, maybe w.o., dinner at Bucca De Peppo, maybe a movie, maybe hit the bar one last time with my buddy before he deploys.

    I'm mostly thankful for my 3yo son. He's my best friend and without him I'd still be doing all the bad things I used to do.

  6. going to brooklyn to see my family and eat everything in sight

    just for fun i'm going to weigh myself before i start eating and once again when i finish i'm curious how much my weight can increase (obviously temporarily)

  7. I'm running a road race in Somerville (just outside Boston). It's sponsored by a bar, and the Guinness will be a'flowing as of 10am. MMMMMMMM! BTW, if anyone wants to run it, my sister is sick. You can run with her bib (instead of her $20 being a total waste). Ya might even place among the ladies.

  8. I'm going to train 3 people at 7:30, then train myself. Then hose my ass off and go to my GF's family's get together and stuff my face. I'll then unbutton my pants and drive to my family's get together and stuff it some more. Then, I'll either have dessert or puke...or take a nap and do both

  9. i'm also gonna train before i start eating .. if i wasn't a ***** i'd take slin PWO and then eat and eat and eat

  10. I'm going to my friends house who was very close to die this week because of surgery complicatons, lost a lot of blood, but he's getting better now. And since I don't have my own family I was invited to his family dinner, then I'll spend the rest of the week with my girl.
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

  11. I'm fasting today...

    Fat Chance Department!!!

    visiting girlfriend's family in ATL. Lots of food and family fun!


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