yea right leo....

  1. yea right leo....

    here in a recent interview with FHM leonardo dicaprio claims to have gained 30 lbs of muscle....

    FHM: You were scrappping all the way through "gangs of new york". how did you prepare for it physically?

    Leo: i put on 30 lbs of muscle and i was working out like crazy

    FHM: Do you enjoy "lifting"?

    Leo: No, i dont. its my least favourite thing on the planet i spent six months working out five times a week and then it got postponed for another seven months. So i had to continue working out. I hate going to the gym. I hate pushing weights, it doesnt do anything for me

  2. he must have gained the 30 pounds from his head swelling with his own importance...i bet some pros would like his secrets to gaining 30 lbs of muscle in such a short period...scrawny little prick

  3. haha....... i think that was soaken wet with bricks in his pocket or something

  4. Lol someone tell this guy hes a load of ****....and that we hardcore lifters think the movie sucked anyway.

  5. if not for Daniel Day-Lewis (who was ****ing robbed at the academy awards), it would have sucked huge... the only enjoyable scenes were his. he's a badass



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