1. Rome/HBO

    I really liked Rome's first season, I guess because I enjoy military history and history in general. I did not count nor research historical inaccuracies and whatnot, I just enjoyed the show. The jumping of years and years in a few weeks didn't even bother me. Here's the problem I do have, though.

    The season finale started ten minutes late and ended ten minutes early. Now, I have to wait possibly two years to get another season. This is becoming the norm with HBO. By the time we get the final season of Sopranos, it will have been three years or so since the last season. They cancelled Carnivale after two seasons, SFU is done, and I haven't even heard a word about the next The Wire or Deadwood seasons. I'm about to cancel HBO, download the torrents of new episodes on Mondays, and just stick to FX. Hell, at least they're giving us 2 seasons of The Shield, Rescue Me, and NipTuck to one HBO season.

  2. Rome was cool for the view of the street life of the age. I don't know how accurate it was. the Titus Pullo Gladiator Execution scene last week was killer, I haven't watched the finale yet.

    Sex and The City, Oz and SFU are gone, more's the pity. The Sopranos are stale, Entourage and Carnivale suck, there's still Deadwood, and my fav, The Wire, the HBO version of the Shield, is returning. FX is coming out with "Thief" with Andre Braugher of Homicide Life on the Street, worth checking out.

    IMO, movie quality has declined in receny years, but TV has greatly improved, it's a net gain. Cable forced the networks to get better, I will admit I like Surface on now.

    Do I watch TV, no, everything from the net to my monitor via Bittorrent, poor man's Tivo. Pay Per View, bahaha........

  3. Rogue pirate...AAARRRRR....I've loved the Rome series. I marvel at the fact that movies spend millions of dollars and years to make and they only fill 1.5-2 hours. Rome was on every week for a solid hour and had props and special effect which were movie quality. I, too, loved the execution scene. Pullo was my favorite character.

  4. I'm a history major and when I saw Rome for the first time I was hooked. It's like most historical movies: fiction + non-fiction + special effects + nudity.. - nudity = movie.

    All-in-all, I will miss SFU. I will miss that the most
    "A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most." -George Bernard Shaw

  5. Re: SFU. When you know Characters and relationships that intimately for that long, it's sad to see them go. The ending was very well done, the death scenes closed the Book on the Fishers neatly, I thought.

    Nate was not such a hateful prick, that was Brenda's projected neurosis, I believe.

  6. If you haven't seen it, The Wire is masterful. if Y'all like the Shield, go find da Wire, it's a more sophisticated version of the detectives game with more political involvement, check it out.

  7. It's glad to see other people into The Wire. It's gotta be the most underrated show on TV. You couldn't ask for better acting and character development. Most people I know think it's "too slow."

    Again, I got HBO a few years ago just for the Sunday night programming. I think FX is competing with them right now, and it would be interesting for them to have/put HBO-like money into their shows, and hiring Steven "Cop Rock" Bochco to produce a show does not count.

  8. I also get a little pissed at the time between seasons for some HBO shows. I can't believe it's to ensure quality, then they'd have to explain the last two seasons of the Sopranos. SFU was one of the most amazing shows ever. Deadwood is my current favorite show, and I went into that onre expecting to hate it. Ian McShane reminds me of when I was young, watching episodes of Lovejoy on A&E after Sherlock Homes.


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