moore and chirac the perfect couple

  1. moore and chirac the perfect couple

    I was inspired to photoshop a pic of Michael Moore and Chriac. I like to crack the odd french joke but I've never really taken the French seriously. Moore on the other hand, I hate him.

    Feel free to distribute, I want to see how far this pic can circulate around the net...mind you, it's not THAT funny.

    in the original pics mike is holding a microphone and chiraq is congradulating an old guy. I added the flowers for effect, and yes, I could have put something else in michael's hands.
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  2. Damn good photoshop work there Madchild.. you are a good matte painter it looks like.

  3. Thanks, I'm actually not that good in Photoshop. I don't even know what a matte is. I just paste each image in a different layer and erase around it add a little blur here and a little shading there, resize, rotate and bam!

  4. hey, really good job there... pretty funny

  5. Well Madchild my man that is matte painting.. or the starting of matte painting

  6. here's a kind of lame one I found. I've been too lazy/busy with school to make any more.
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