Happy Birthday SJA!

  1. Happy Birthday SJA!

    Happy birthday brutha dude! Have a good one. You deserve it!

  2. Yes have a good one bro you deserve it.

  3. Birthday's are like *******s, they stink, especially when you're as old as you are. Happy B-Day gramps!

  4. Yep, enjoy this one. Can't be too many left for you.


  5. ...and a happy one from another "old guy"! We're only as old as we think we are, by the way.


  6. I almost beat you to it (6-30am) b/c I saw on the IBE board that SJA's b-day is this week, and I wanted to get 'em back. He started my b-day thread. But he's not listed in the b-day section here

    Anyway, have a good one bro. Just saw your hexa pumped pics. Sick. I hope I'm as ripped as you when I'm old

    Live it to the fullest


  7. Thanks for the B-day wishes (even N-Dogg and DD) You bitches only wish you were as dead sexy as my old ass

    So I'm sitting home alone tonight....what?....I love to be alone...as long as I have food My Mom brought over a humongous plate of homemade eggrolls....I ate until I could feel them coming out my throat when I bent over...now I'm just trying to breathe while they digest so that I can eat some more..LOL. I'm almost at 200 pounds now (started at 180 when I had my surgery about 8 weeks ago) and I think that this may push me over the mark <insert fatass smilie here>

    It's great to be a member of this board....you can always count on your friends to wish you well and give you a bunch of **** (affectionately) to make you smile. I hope that you guys are enjoying the evening as much as I.....now let's party

  8. Happy Birthday Steve. I enjoy knowing you are there. Wow...we knew each other way back in our 30's. I look forward to sharing the 40's together as well. Enjoy your night my friend.
    The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your dreams.They'll tell you black is really white, the moon is just the sun at night and when you walk in golden halls you get to keep the gold that falls.

  9. Happy b-day you old fart!

  10. Hope you had an excellent birthday my man! Easy on those eggrolls

  11. Have a great one holmes!!
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html

  12. have a great birthday my brother...
    with the hexatropin you should have plenty of apetite...

  13. I'm still full from last night's binge....can't wait to weigh in today.....two-hun I bet....I feel very large and in charge today. Although it may just be a huge load in my Depends

  14. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Although it may just be a huge load in my Depends
    TMI dude...LOL!

  15. Happy aging SJA


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