Happy Birthday SJA!

  1. Happy Birthday SJA!

    Happy birthday brutha dude! Have a good one. You deserve it!

  2. Yes have a good one bro you deserve it.

  3. Birthday's are like *******s, they stink, especially when you're as old as you are. Happy B-Day gramps!

  4. Yep, enjoy this one. Can't be too many left for you.


  5. ...and a happy one from another "old guy"! We're only as old as we think we are, by the way.


  6. I almost beat you to it (6-30am) b/c I saw on the IBE board that SJA's b-day is this week, and I wanted to get 'em back. He started my b-day thread. But he's not listed in the b-day section here

    Anyway, have a good one bro. Just saw your hexa pumped pics. Sick. I hope I'm as ripped as you when I'm old

    Live it to the fullest


  7. Thanks for the B-day wishes (even N-Dogg and DD) You bitches only wish you were as dead sexy as my old ass

    So I'm sitting home alone tonight....what?....I love to be alone...as long as I have food My Mom brought over a humongous plate of homemade eggrolls....I ate until I could feel them coming out my throat when I bent over...now I'm just trying to breathe while they digest so that I can eat some more..LOL. I'm almost at 200 pounds now (started at 180 when I had my surgery about 8 weeks ago) and I think that this may push me over the mark <insert fatass smilie here>

    It's great to be a member of this board....you can always count on your friends to wish you well and give you a bunch of **** (affectionately) to make you smile. I hope that you guys are enjoying the evening as much as I.....now let's party

  8. Happy Birthday Steve. I enjoy knowing you are there. Wow...we knew each other way back in our 30's. I look forward to sharing the 40's together as well. Enjoy your night my friend.

  9. Happy b-day you old fart!

  10. Hope you had an excellent birthday my man! Easy on those eggrolls

  11. Have a great one holmes!!
    My The 1 LOG: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/254164-my-one-log.html

  12. have a great birthday my brother...
    with the hexatropin you should have plenty of apetite...

  13. I'm still full from last night's binge....can't wait to weigh in today.....two-hun I bet....I feel very large and in charge today. Although it may just be a huge load in my Depends

  14. Quote Originally Posted by SJA
    Although it may just be a huge load in my Depends
    TMI dude...LOL!

  15. Happy aging SJA


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