Next World Problem North Korea

  1. Next World Problem North Korea

    After seeing everything that has gone on in the last week, does anyone besides me think that North Korea is going to take this as a sign that the US is not watching what they are doing and decide to cause more problems in their neck of the woods. Now to me I thought Korea was a bigger problem for two reasons, one they already have nuclear power and 2 they have a "slightly" unbalanced leader in power. But I can understand the reasoning on taking care of Iraq first but at the same time I have a feeling that Korea is going to start something in the next 3 weeks or so... mark my words.

  2. I agree. They will likely wait until the battle is the thickest in Iraq before they make there move.

  3. I believe the States are leaving the Korea issue to Japan and China as it's a bigger concern for them since it's their "neck of the woods". China doesn't want to see North Korea with Nukes, so the USA is staying out of it....for a while anyways.

  4. Does anyone see a little bit of a problem with Japan and China handling the Korean problem both of those countries in the pass have literally raped, pillaged and burn both of them and I don't think that North Korea has forgotten it.. now South Korea has semi forgotten I think but not completely

  5. I don't think NK poses an immediate threat. To the US that is....and **** if NK starts some crap with CHINA ...all i know is...don't ask us for ****...

    I had said that we should worry about them also, before this whole iraqi situation started. I mean NK did say, that any sanctions or anything of the like...will be treated by them as an act of war.....thats just F'd up.

    but they are such a small country, and easily targeted that if we had to we could just stamp them out......sorta like putting a giant cigarette out on top of them or something..

    let other people deal with them for now, they are not a direct threat to the US...yet anyway..IMO


  6. Hamper, they have nukes that can reach the U.S.. How are they not a threat

  7. they have nukes that supposedly can reach us...none have ever been tested....i mean if they got it right the first try, then i dunno...NK must be pretty good. BUt to say they are an "immediate" threat is just a little off. Im not saying they are like cute little puppies or anything.

    Im saying for now we should keep a close eye, but thats about it.


  8. The problem is we have thousands of troops in and committement to South Korea. We have to worry about them attacking them, not us.

  9. that maybe, but i dont think they would do anything with nukes to south korea.

    All i am saying is that I don't think we should be worrying THAT much during our campaign in Iraq. I'm sure big brother hasn't forgotten about NK or anything. For now I say 1 thing at a time.

    your saying we have to worry about nk attacking sk?

  10. All Matt and I saying is that NK might use this opprotunity of our engagement with Iraq to move on SK at which time we will be left with no choice but to fight on two fronts.

  11. You understand that if North Korea did nuke the west coast, they would be wiped off the planet in a matter of hours shortly thereafter. They know that, I think.

  12. Let me say this again, I am NOT talking about them attacking us!!!! NOT US!!! They will attack South Korea if they make their move and that by default will draw us in!!!

  13. See hamper and BigVrunga technical we never did finish the war with North Korea, it has been in cease fire for the last 50 years.. and we are still committed with about 20-30K of troops on the DMZ. If they get the idea that we are not paying attention, like my kids, they will do something to get our attention.. in their case, attempt to invade South Korea... my kids on the other hand just draw on the wall (Don't ask long story)

  14. dont you guys worry about russia? It is like the biggest terrorist organization around. THEY HAVE NUKES. The maffia etc sells nuclear weapons to countries that were made during the cold war.

    Id like to see this happen: North Korea first, , and try to make good allies with China. Move onto Turkey and Iran, then make sure Russia starts to work on Eliminating terrorism.

  15. Don't forget Syria.

  16. True on both accounts but where they make their money is SELLING not actually doing the deeds... and without us around, who is going to buy their stuff.. so they will work semi hard not to make us too pissed off.. IMO

  17. Syria would be next, I think. That's probably an underlying reason why the US is going into Iraq.

    WW7 - I know what you are talking about - I was responding to your second post in the thread...the sad thing is - a lot of young people in South Korea are staging anti-US protests and the like...I guess they forgot the stories their grandparents told them about the atrocities commited by the North Koreans during the war, and that the US is still there to make sure it dosent happen again.

    I hear you MatthewD - wait until the US is embroiled even deeper in a mideast conflict and then invade SK...that would turn really messy - a war on two fronts.

  18. ok, i didnt follow you at first bad

    i say.....if us civilians are thinking these things, I'm sure it has already been thought of by the govt, and its military officials.

  19. Oh they have that is for sure hamp for sure


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