Somebody needs to smack this girl!!!!

  1. Thumbs down Somebody needs to smack this girl!!!!

    By columnist Laurie Harmon (Title is from her column, not my words, JB )

    What She Really Said

    If you've been following the Dixie Chicks' saga - and based upon the traffic and comments, in the days just before the war, few were concerned with much else - you know that after Natalie Maines slammed President Bush in London, she apologized the next day.

    Well, we have all been led astray: the apology printed on the band's website and in the media was written by some record label hack. This is what she really said:

    ....I hope everyone understands, I'm just a young girl who grew up in Texas. As far back as I can remember, I heard people say they were ashamed of President Clinton. I saw bumper stickers calling him everything from a pothead to a murderer. I heard people on the radio and tv like Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Newt Gingrich and Trent Lott bad mouthing the President and ridiculing his wife and daughter at every opportunity.

    I heard LOTS of people disrespecting the President. So I guess I just assumed it was acceptable behavior.

    ....I realize it's wrong to have a liberal opinion if you're a country music artist. I guess I should have thought about that before deciding to play music that attracts hypocritical red necks.

    I also realize now that I'm supposed to just sing and look cute so our fans won't have anything to upset them while they're cheating on their wives or getting in drunken bar fights or driving around in their pickup trucks shooting highway signs and small animals.

    And most important of all, I realize that it's wrong for a celebrity to voice a political opinion, unless they're Charlie Daniels, Clint Black, Merle Haggard, Barbara Mandrell, Loretta Lynn, Ricky Skaggs, Travis Tritt, Hank Williams Jr, Amy Grant, Larry Gatlin, Crystal Gayle, Reba McEntire, Lee Greenwood, Lorrie Morgan, Anita Bryant, Mike Oldfield, Ted Nugent, Wayne Newton, Dick Clark, Jay Leno, Drew Carey, Dixie Carter, Victoria Jackson, Charleton Heston, Fred Thompson, Ben Stein, Bruce Willis, Kevin Costner, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Bo Derek, Rick Schroeder, George Will, Pat Buchanan, Bill O'Reilly, Joe Rogan, Delta Burke, Robert Conrad or Jesse Ventura.

  2. what a ****in bitch...

  3. Cool

    Actually, though I don't agree with her opinion, I respect the fact that she aired her opinion. However, she should have aired her opinion to fellow Americans and not on foreign soil.

    But what alot of these dumbass celebrities fail to realize is that all of the wars in the past (WWI, WWII, Korean, etc.) are the factors that gave them the freedom to badmouth the President as they do.

    Frankly, I'm sorry that Natalie Maines made such a statement but I still have the hots for her cute, short ass. She reminds me of Molly Holly......LOL
    TheChosen12012 A.P.F California State Champion& 2 Class Record Holder (Deadlifts)

  4. hahaha!!!... she needs to stop sucking on her ****in foot, pronto... damn she seems dumb as a brick now.

  5. Originally posted by TheChosen1
    Actually, though I don't agree with her opinion, I respect the fact that she aired her opinion. However, she should have aired her opinion to fellow Americans and not on foreign soil.
    I agree. Guess what folks? Opinions are like *******s, everyone's got one, and the right to air it, like it or not. I didn't realize I was at the Republican National Convention here at AM, wow.

  6. hey, if you're into speaking your mind and looking like a dumbass (like me ), then I agree that's your right... but the way she's acted is laughable IMO... didn't hurt anybody, wasn't particularly surprising... but, in a similar vein with Michael Moore's bull**** last night, there are better ways to go about airing your opinions... depending on how you want to be perceived by people, which these types of things don't seem very well thought out in the first place... so whateva.

  7. as a Texan, I am ashamed that that whore has the nerve to speak for me by saying something so assinine... I hope her knees grow together...

  8. Don't get me wrong, she did sound like an ass, but with all the pro war rhetoric around here it's starting to get a little one sided, and someone has got to play devil's advocate.

    BTW Moore's tantrum last night was ridiculous, it didn't accomplish anything but make him look like an typical anti war moron.
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  9. actually I don't fault her for her opinion but like someone said earlier, there are better places for her to voice her opinion than in the middle of a concert in an another country. I am one of those that does not like to hang the "dirty laundry" out in public. So if you are going to slam the country at least do it at home not out there.. Also as for being ashamd of being an American, well if you are that way MOVE I am sure that France or Germany or Iraq would be glad to have you


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