Very disturbing pics-US soldiers killed in action today. We will never forget!

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  1. Originally posted by Havok
    The **** pisses me off a lot, is what the vietnam vets had to put up with,
    most coming back mentally ill, without limbs, no money no job, being called baby killers for risking thier lives....

    just bull**** [/B]
    i agree...vietnam was a little b4 my time but i know enuf to know that our soldiers were shamefully treated......but hopefully that is no longer the case. I think most folks are really supportive of our troops and I pray it continues that way.

  2. there is definitely more people supporting the war then going against it........the media tends to focus on those opposed

    notice any of the interviews on the news with family members of soldiers who were either killed or are still fighting....are all in support of the war...even though they know there is a chance that member might be killed.


  3. Just to clarify my position (kinda from another thread I guess): I am a liberal, yes, but I hope everyone knows that even the craziest of leftists (which I'm not though) are in full support of our troops over there (maybe not certain concepts of the war situation, granted). These men and women have courage beyond measure, and they will not be forgotten nor their deaths trivialized. It pains me (as it does everyone) to see these, but I'm glad they're posted here to remind us of how precious life is, and what it means to protect it.


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