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    280,562,489 in America (July 2002), 200 members in this forum, and we lift at the same gym. What in the hell are the odds on that??? Whats your name, or what kind of car do you drive. You drive a red S-10 P/U by chance? I'm sure I now you bro.

  2. ha...nah i aint the dude with the red s-10 but damn, same gym huh. over the summer, ill be in klahanie fitness basically everyday du'. i roll couple cars (gray mitzubishi eclipse, or a gray mercedes, i think its a 230 class) names sage (SaeJin) graduated hs in 99 (but from a small ass private school in seattle), but went to issy for my freshman year man. tell me your story guy (but ya dogg, this pretty heavy stuff)

  3. Ok, this is getting better. Did you play guitar by chance? And maybe listen to Metallica? I knew someone named SaeJin, and there can't be many.

  4. freakin me out playa. back in the day, i did go through the metallica phase. now im hiphoped probably know me then man. whats your name blazer? here more about me then...went to pine/beaver lake MS. like i said, went through that awful metallica only phase, didnt play guitar though. i guarentee you we know each other and shidd....this is the smallest of worlds my friend

  5. I think I knew you back freshman year in High school at Issaquah. My name is Rick, and I rode the bus with you and we always talked about Metallica and playing guitar. I was about 5'8, had long blonde'ish/brown hair, always had headphones in, and I always wore Metallica shirts. I hung out with Shawn Fox, Ron Credelle, Justin Zimmerman, and other crazy people like that. Didin't you ever buy a jackson guitar? I'm sorry to hear you are all hip hopped out This is too funny. I've been playing guitar for like 6 or 7 years now, and I own like 7 of them. I think I remember you living in Klahanie, and I've even been over to play guitar with you. Is your last name something like "No". Sounds familar, but I can't really remember. **** man, no you got me thinking way back to freshman year, back when I was chubby and single You ever see an S-10 blazer all jacked up in the parking lot that's black with lots of lights? Or a yellow/white CBR 600? Those are my rides. This is too funny. Later man.

  6. Hate to intrude, but I have a comment to make - school is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Be cool, and stay in school, everyone.

  7. ya dude.....i remember you my friend. (ha) rick man. ya, i did have that jackson, and its probably collecting dust up in my parents place. this wild we into this same ordeal of liftin' and even more so, interested in ph's. you using some now (you on a cycle?) i jsut started mine my friend. im bouts to be there over the winter break man, possibly thanxgiving too. if you lift up at klahanie fitness over the break, we might have to get our lift on together. you a personal trainer huh...what certification? i got one easy one just to get things started and bout to get something like a.c.e man. i definetely remember still be around the plateua some? you still hangin' round those cats like shawn,justin...i wasnt close with none of em but know who you talking bout. keep in touch through this forum ...again, this wild (oh...thanx sean for your input) ha

  8. Ha, I knew I would remember you. If you want to sell that jackson, let me know, I love collecting more guitars. And no, I havn't hung out with my old friends in years. They are basically all loosers who will never go anywhere. And no, I'm not on cycle right now. I'm just collecting as much information about 1-test as possible before I start anything. Plus, I've gained 13 pounds on my bulking diet so far just from lifting and having a clean diet, so I don't really need a PH yet. Maybe in a month or so once the gains slow up a bit. I actually just got my ACE certification last week. And one of the trainers at Klahanie now, Mike Livingston, is getting me some clients and such to get me going. He is making a freaking killing at that place. $55/hour all day every day. Full load of clients for him=lots of money. He's willing to share, thank god. You know how the Plateau goes Pretty sweet deal though. Any ways, good to hear it was you. I'll be keeping in touch through these forums. Or in the summer, just look for the biggest mofo rollin around in Klahanie Fitness

  9. damn, mike makes 55/hr?? he a young dude too. im suprised i didnt see you at the gym anytime this summer (probably cuz i workout in the mornings man...) thats huge you getting some clients from Klah. fitness. dont tell you you gonna be racking in 55 an hour too?!!? (i need to get up on that deal man) shidd, i def. willing to sell that guitar but i already know my moms gonna trip cuz she spent alot for it back in the day. good job on your gains probably this deebo by now huh. i dont even talk to know one from back then (lost touch uknow and im just boyz with the school i graduated from). you end up coming out of IHS? aight, we'll be in touch man


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