Contest prep people in NJ or NY?

  1. Contest prep people in NJ or NY?

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone here knew of any contest prep guys here in NJ or NY. Being from Jersey City I am in close proximity to NYC, so whenever I post I am from NYC to me they are one and the same with NYC of course having name recognition. If you do not know any prep guys (or gals!) then do you know of any competitors who have acieved excellent conditioning? I am really looking to do a contest soon and am looking into contest prep hardcore, I am looking for some Spring shows. I know John O' Reagan does the diets for Capriese Murray the Mutant and for teen bodybuilder Adam Reich, but I am sure he charges an arm and a leg for it. Thanks guys, take care!

  2. Sorry... I only know one in Florida...

    and just an observation so take it for what it's worth, but hit rear delts hard this Winter!

  3. Haha, hey! I actually think I have pretty good rear delts, maybe it's the way the pic is! Hell, maybe it's just because they suck....I realize a big part of BB is being able to take honest critiques, they will only make one better so thanks Jonerers! Beautiful baby by the way! To anyone who wants feel free to critique, I really should post more pics! So does anyone in the NY/NJ area know of any contest prep "gurus"? I will try to attend the show IRSERGE is going to on the 12th because Adam Reich's nutritionist is going to be there and also and more importantly to support IRSERGE!

  4. Does anyone here know anyone? I take this very seriously and any help in the right direction is appreciated? Hell, if anyone has any Chris Aceto books they wanna get rid of or sell at a cheap price I'd appreciate it!

  5. what contest is IRSERGE gonna be at?
    i'm in brooklyn, and im dying to go to some shows, i've never been to any!

  6. He decided not to do them, but I am going to the one in Tribecca if finances permit me to this week! It'll be a pretty big show and Phil Heathe will guest pose there. Hey Cable, email me bro, I gotta talk to you! I am [email protected]

  7. BUMP!


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