Did I say this? Yes, yes I did... I said this would happen

  1. Thumbs up Did I say this? Yes, yes I did... I said this would happen


    check it out...

    the liberal media wants you to think everyone hates america and that there's going to be a draft...

  2. This is the "liberal media" you're worried about?

  3. no thats a report from msnbc... and i'm not worried about a liberal media

    in case you don't ever watch the news, the 99% of the US media puts this event in a very bad light and wants everyone to think the entire world is against us...

    understand now?

  4. The entire 51st Infantry division of Iraq's Army just surrendered.

  5. Of course they did, they're unarmed

  6. They are not unarmed. They had 200 tanks and are one the most well armed and trained military divisions in Iraq. What the hell are you talking about Hal?

  7. They are not a majority out of the 300+ thousand troops in the Iraqi army (according to CNN)

  8. Originally posted by Hal

    oh please, i see what i see... Peter Jennings talking down to General Tommy Franks (Jennings should have been backslapped, beaten, then had a large metal pole shoved up his ass); and Dan Rather interviewing Saddam Hussein... gimme a break

    ABC and NBC are terrible about it... i feel Fox is really the only one semi-close to the dividing line

  9. Fox is the only major network, non-biased, non-liberal based media outlet in America.

  10. Fox kicks ass. nice scrolling sig WW

  11. looks like some of the bb.com forum members tried to back iraq "Marines pulled the prisoners to the side of the road.
    “Hands up!” Marines barked, pushing the Iraqis along.
    Skinny, reedy boys who appeared to be still in their teens complied. The Marines searched them and sat them down." haha


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