Shock And Awe

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  1. Don't forget thouands of iraqi people are starving...mainly due to the fact saddam has taken the "food for oil program" and turned it into his own way of finaceing his war machine....the nazis did the same thing.

  2. Originally posted by dez/null
    Don't forget thouands of iraqi people are starving...mainly due to the fact saddam has taken the "food for oil program" and turned it into his own way of finaceing his war machine....the nazis did the same thing.

    Finally someone else sees it that way also.  Tons of people think we are responsible for the people starving.

  3. MOAB?



  4. That IS the MOAB! I stand corrected. Here is the link bro:

    I was under the impression that it looked like the Daisy Cutter but it is not!

  5. Originally posted by Smiler51
    are you guys all ****ing crazy?

    you treat that as a joke. it is not sth. you can be proud of. a lot of innocent people are dying there right now and an already destroyed country is even destroyed more. just imagine you would live for over ten years under sanctions without enough food, money, and then this **** is happening again. think of how scared you would be and how your future will look like.
    Think of how it feels to be ruled by an iron-fisted dictator hell bent on killing his own people and doing all that he can to keep in power. A man who has "weapons of mass destruction", and who hates America. These weapons of mass destruction could, at his will, be used against us to take out one of our major cities killing hundreds of thousands of people.

    Saddam Hussein wouldn't even bat an eyelid at the prospects of killing innocent people.

    We are trying our best to prevent such civilian casualties. There is bound to be a few, but we are trying our best to prevent them. There are some things you just have to do.

    And as for all of the suffering Iraqi people, that have been suppressed for all these years. Do you really think they are complaining at the prospects of a democracy? Do you really think they are complaining at the prospects of finally having the freedom to do things they would be shot at for even thinking of doing? If you and I were in Iraq, and you made such a post to a message board, going against your own country, you we be dead. You would never have the chance to read my words, as the army would be at your house dragging your cold, bloody corpse out of the room as your blood drips all over the carpet. Alot of us take our freedoms for granted, I for one am guilty of this in the past. But now I see the error of my ways.

    God Bless our Troops over in Iraq, my prayers are with you.

    God Bless America. Let's roll....

  6. Comparison....
    Attached Images Attached Images

  7. yeah man...moab is insane....

    I would think it would be mainly used on mine fields, or in the desert where large unsurrendering Iraqi troops are.


  8. i'm quite impressed by the peace protests that turn violent....quite a concept....
    another thing, how about them bag of **** democrat representatives that went to baghdad in the fall of last year? ofcourse they were taken to hospitals just to see how bad us americans are for not providing medicine and food for dying goes on and on...they talked **** about OUR PRESIDENT in baghdad...what the **** were they thinking? course you sure don't hear from them anymore...and the dems wonder why the republicans control congress now...

    smiler51, yep this war is soooo must be a spineless democrat yourself...just think of all the meals that are prepared each day for sadaam in all his palaces just to make intelligence think he may be there...all the while he's got his own people starving in parts of his country....yeah, it's all our fault...


  9. Well BigAl, I happen to be a registered democrat myself, and I wouldn't exactly consider myself "spineless". I have been on and off again about supporting action in Iraq, but NOT because my party says so. Not everyone follows the herd brother

  10. hell bro, that's not what i was getting at....i didn't mean that as a "collective comment" at all....i just really get frustrated at times...kinda wish we didn't have a "partied" government sometimes....and i get really pissed when i hear **** like smiler51 threw on here...i've got family over there right now and to have him want to blame us for ****, hell i just would love to choke the bastard....
    i'm a republican but i don't always vote that way....if bush were to get beat in the next election, i hope for our sake someone like lieberman or gephardt gets in there...they are good people who aren't afraid to take a not so popular stance at times....
    so, i'm sorry if i offended you at all...certainly wasn't intended, just spoutin'

  11. Well when we find the WMD's, all I will say is I told ya so! It is sad it came to this, but needed to be done long ago!

  12. unfortunately, alot of the more vocal democrats are spineless and they give the whole party a bad name. i may not agree with some of their positions but i believe by and large they are as patriotic as anybody.

    what smiler51 doesnt seem to understand is not only has Saddam murdered his own people and poses a threat to us, but if he remained in power who knows how many more would die...i'd bet many more than will be killed in this war. also, where were these folks back in '98 when daschale supported clinton who was saying that we needed to force saddam out of power....all these folks didnt seem to protes then...but of course, clinton didnt have balls enuf to do anything about it. he was too busy usin 'em for somethin else.

    saddam has lied to the world for 12 years now...i'd bet has harbored God knows how many terrorists and no telling what else he's done we done know about.

    it jus frosts my ass to think we are trying to do the right thing, some 65% of Americans think we are doin the right thing with this war and all we hear about are the protestors....why not instead thank our soldiers who are making this work and showing the world America will stand behind her words and commitments.

    sorry about the length of this...and rants over

  13. ww7...were'd you get your avatar? man that is one of the coolest i've ever seen bro..

  14. Originally posted by windwords7
    I thought the majority of the bombs being used are JDAMs..

  15. There are a lot of JDAM's But the MOAB is over there.

  16. mother of all bombs, ow ow

  17. I personally dont think the war is wrong, although I would have liked to see the US wait a little longer and get more international support, so we dont end up footing the bill for the whole thing.

    Saddam Hussein has been in power since 1968 - if we were really all THAT concerned about the welfare of the Iraqi people we should have done something a hell of a lot sooner. Like when we had him in the crosshairs in 1991, maybe? I definately think he has to go, and I do think its respectable that they are doing everything they can to preserve civilian life and the country's infrastructure.

    You also have to wonder...this war will cost us ~50 billion dollars. They could have poured half that cash into R&D and perfected an engine that dosent run on oil. That would shut the mideast down for good. And all that money spent moving all that hardware halfway around the globe - and yet they tell us to run to Lowes and buy duct tape and plastic sheeting in the event of a chemical attack...That dosent really make sense either.

    We also have a lot of problems here at home that need to be addressed, but arent. The prison system, The horrible failure of the 'War on Drugs', the economy...

    Im really not a huge fan of President Bush, but I have to say the man has balls. And I do admire that. Something definately DID need to be done about this *******, I just dont think the US should have shouldered the whole load. I wonder where things will go from here. Who's next? Syria? North Korea? Could this be a 3 week operation or the start of WW3?

    In any event, I just hope things go smooth and the troops get home safely.

    I also hope they do something about those goddamn choppers that cant seem to stay airborne. Nearly all allied casualties so far have been in helicopter accidents.

    As far as the anti-war protesters, they really dont seem to have a clue what's going on. Im sure if any of them had friends or family in the World Trade Center when it went down they'd have a different opinion. It sickens me when a flock of college kids starts shouting out vietnam-era slogans. Like any of them really know what the hell is going on. This is definately not Vietnam. I just got out of college. And, let me tell you, if this is the future of this country, are we ever in trouble

    You'd think that after 12,000 years of human civilization, we'd be able to get along with eachother by now. I mean, its as simple as shutting the **** up and minding your own business. He's a christian, he's a muslim, Im an antheist. We're all human. Imagine where our species would be right now if we didnt have this internal desire to beat the **** out of eachother for not sharing the same viewpoint.

    But,then again, maybe we'd all still be swinging from the trees...

    Rant over with, Thanks for listening

  18. We didn't need international support...those are OUR weapons raining down on them...oh and the UK helped out some too so their cool.

    If we goto war with Syria,or North Korea expect it over within minutes...but actions speak louder then words.

    What we do now. resonates to other countrys.
  19. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    Don`t get complacent.
    North Korea has a far larger army than Iraq.
  20. Talking

    Sorry to get a little sidetracked. Anyone see what happened in San Francisco. The filthy liberals were marching across the Golden Gate Bridge spewing their ignorance. One of the *******s fell off the bridge and died.

  21. We didn't need international support...
    I know, but in the grand scheme of things, it would be nice to have most of the Global community on our side. Helping to pay for things. I would also like to be able to travel someday, without being castagated. These maniacs were rioting in front of a McDonalds, because they saw it as a symbol of America. That sure as hell isnt my symbol, but its just another example of human ignorance.

    A lot of the countries protesting the war dont even realize how much aid the US gives them. Take Egypt, for example. Something like 90% of the population is against US action, and yet they get more foreign aid than any other country.

    How many have you guys have been to college yet...have you noticed how many foreign students get to go to US schools for free? I worked my ass off to get through school, while foreign kids got to sit in the computer lab and make minimum wage doing WorkStudy, because the US gov't paid for them to be here.

    They need to shut that **** right down.


  22. Totally agree with that BigV.. I don't think we need to keep supporting countries that will not support us when we need it or want it.

  23. I have heard a few tidbits on the news that suggest that there may be evidence that the France is SOOO in bed with Iraq that Saddam himself told Jaucqe that if he did not public condemn the war that he would go to the media and reveal how deep their realationship really is. If there is even shred of evidence to this, France will become the bitch of the world, mocked for both its severe *****ness as well as its lack of moral judgment. Get in bed with a dictator and end up getting screwed by the whole world....ouch!

  24. wow, didn't realize it could run that deep... now wouldn't it be interesting if that was confirmed? "bitch of the world" indeed.

  25. see i had that notion the whole time, that France was "in bed" with Iraq, it was sort of obvious.

    I agree with BigV on the point that we should have definitely waited longer to start the war. People will say yeah we waited 12 years, thats long enough. Well thats exactly why waiting another month or 2 would not have mattered in the least really. It would have given us a chance to get some of the bigger countries to back us. True we don't need other coutries support militarily, but economically we certainly do.

    I say yes to the start of WW3. I think that within the next 2 years something like that is going to happen. It will all be over money, without a doubt.

    But seriously don't get to complacent. If we were to ever fight on north koreas soil, or china's soil with our ground troops, we would definitely be in it for the long haul. China alone has 2.5 million ground troops.....thats a lot of people folks.

    I was in Manhattan yesterday, where they were protesting against the war. THousands of people were there. Some people had shirts on with fake blood, saying end the war blah blah.....

    one guy had a sign that said "BOMB texas, they have oil too".
    one sign said "END THE WAR, END THE SANCTIONS"....its like hello man ..why do you think there was sanctions ass hole.

    i got into somewhat of an arguement with this one moron shouting into a mega this point i was venting to a friend loudly..and getting annoyed at a lot of these people so i just kinda snapped...

    basically i said to the guy..and not so nicely....
    i said..hey you like standing on that pole, and being able to shout in a ****ing mega phone and bash your own country and more importantly bash your own head of government, president you ****ing like that man or what.........hes like yeah i like it, and Im going to keep doing then i just said..ok ******* over to IRAQ and do something similary to this..see what happens to you and your family within the next 24 hours.....

    of course the idot just turned around and started blabbering in his magaphone..but seriously, these people have no real basis for their protesting....

    I wish i would have known about it ahead of time, i would seriously have set up a station that just portrayed sadam for the evil person he is......held up huge signs with dead children in their dead mothers arms etc.. wonder if they even realize any of that has happened....

    i wanted to announce to the protesters....hey guys you did got them to send the troops home......but theres one slight change......the troops are actually going to start patrolling our own streets, and testing their new weapons on us.....they are going to start with for the next few weeks they are gonna shoot random people with semi-auto and auto matic weapons...and oh yeah they are actually going to start bombing guys got your point across about the whole bomb texas they have oil you know what..they are going to....they are gonna see what kind of destruction the moab can do on a heavily populated city,......................... ............*******s



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