Eat McD's and staying thin

  1. Eat McD's and staying thin


  2. I think the Mcdonalds marketing team came up with that. He'll be like the next Jared for Mcdonalds.

  3. "McJarrod"

  4. Well while the guy might be better off than the average American I am guessing he may not be the healthiest guy on the planet.  Non the less I hope McD's takes advantage of it even if its only due to his genetics and an otherwise healthy life.  I hate it when systems have to take over for peoples own self control, espically considering most authorities are still clueless on whats best.

    Plus I hit them up for a few double burgers from time to time in the offseason and I'd be real pissed if I had to sign a waver(sp) and read a ton of BS on "nutrition" before they can legaly sell me one. 


    Today, it's a story of a 6'2, 180 pound fairly healthy guy who eats 2 Big Macs and Coke a day. Hence, living proof that you can still be healthy while eating fast food.

    Tomorrow, we'll be reading about all of that "special sauce" clogging his arteries and his ass having a massive heart attack. Maybe Jared from Subway can be his paulbearer.
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  6. Jared's too weak. Looks like he's never touched a weight or done any kind of exercise in his life. Starving yourself with vegetables... boy, he should be proud of how he lost all that weight The interesting thing is, I remember reading about him first in Men's Health a long time ago, then he started appearing in the commercials, and of course Men's Health was never brought up... they were royally pissed.


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