Research paper on the criminalization of steroids.

  1. Research paper on the criminalization of steroids.

    Im not sure if this would be the right place to post this, but i couldnt find anywhere else that would be better. Im doing a research paper on steroids. As of now my thesis is 'Anabolic Steroids should be available for personal use under a doctors supervision' but is open for modification. Im looking for topoics or information that i should cover or would be especially helpful in defending my point of view. if anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be great. thanks

  2. I would look up articles supporting your theory, and also read any fda related warnings, posts, or even the laws about streroids, the criminalization of them, all in all just gather all the info that will positively help your paper, and for God sakes do a SPELL CHECK. JK

  3. Assuming your in college, never never use the forums as a reference in your paper, but do get ideas from here cuz there are knowledgable people here. Then simply find articles to support opinion on the board. Good Luck, this may be a hard paper to write

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    General Chat will be a fine place for this.
    We live in a time where our planet suffers from two epidemics simultaneously - starvation and obesity.

    Look at all these little kids taking care of the music biz, don't their business take good care of me.

    I have the fire, I have the force, I have the power to make my evil take it's course.

  5. The outline is set up to have a case study, 3 Thesis of supporting essay, 3 supporting topic sentences for each essay, and 3 supporting details for each topic. Im looking for any ideas on the supporting essays and supporting topoics. My first supporting essay is: Steroids health risks and effects are not as severe as the media portrays. The second is: Criminalization of steroids has increased the health risks associated with steroids. Those were just the first two ideas that i came up with. I am not writing the paper yet, just trying to get ideas and topics for my outline so that i will be able to know what im looking for. thanks for the help

  6. Don't try to argue that they are healthy. There is too much room for debate there, and you'll lose credibility on the legal side.

    Stick to emphasizing the minimization of the health risks, as well as maybe some health benefits, but don't get carried away here either.

    Treatments for diseases, or even medications for everyday things prescribed by doctors have health risks as well, you might touch base on this and blend the two ideas together.

    You might also show your support for drug free sports. It will win you some brownie points while you define what constitutes proper usage.

    Have fun.

  7. Yes i was not going to by any means try to say steroids were healthy, but rather compare their health risks to other prescribed medications. Im also trying to show that the criminalization has actually increased the health risks rather than decreased, as im sure they intended. I believe that sports associations have the right to ban steroids if they wish, however that should have no basis on the outlaw of steroids for personal use.

  8. Also point out the reason steroids are used. Not for muscle mass, but for catabolic diseases, esp. HIV, also point out the diff. kinds of steroids, like asthmatic steroids, topical steroids etc. clarify, so people can understand steroids do not fall into one area of rafeal palmeiro, or Ben Johnson

  9. I was thinking about doing something about the different kinds of steroids. Maybe on more popular steroids or the 'safer steroids'. I want to show that not all steroids have the same effects and can have relatively low side effects. Any suggestion on which steroids i should profile?

  10. Fact- you get more for dealing roids then the average murdurer who gets 5 years on average

    Fact- The gov. spends 100's of MILLIONS of dollars a year to enforce laws agains steroids

    Fact- It cost tax payers MILLIONS each year to keep those who posess/deal roids in jail

    Fact- The gov. could make MILLIONS if they put a tax, say the same ammount thats on gas, on steroids and made them legal.

    Fact- Steroid posession/dealing is a victomless crime, it hurts society more to put them in jail, proven by the above facts.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by circa504
    I was thinking about doing something about the different kinds of steroids. Maybe on more popular steroids or the 'safer steroids'. I want to show that not all steroids have the same effects and can have relatively low side effects. Any suggestion on which steroids i should profile?
    If me giving this information goes agains board rules b/c im 18, I appoligise in advance.

    Anavar is a LIFE SAVER. There was a thread here started by Null about how anavar could have exted the life of his friends mother. Her doc was afraid to give her her MEDICINE because he didnt want his licence revoked. Whats the point of having doctors if they cant give you the medicine, hell, I could make a **** load of money for NOT giving people there meds.

  12. does anyone have any credible resources? i cant really just take posts from a board and put them on my work cited page.... if you cant post it, could someone pm me or email me? my emails thanks

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