1. Warning

    Not sure if this was in the other thread but thought it was funny.

  2. what a pud!

  3. What a donkey

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    What a donkey
    Is it just my thinking, or did this video and the other cars thread look like it was mostly shot in foreign coutries? I mean, what idiot would be that stupid with a car? After seeing that and the other thread's video, I know why there are no Grand-Prix style street races in America. Paul Newman recently fronted a plan to hold such a race in Philly, the mayor told him no, even though the race would have generated millions in revenue for the city (so they said anyway). I completely understand why after seeing some of these videos. I never understood why NASCAR races were so popular, but at least you don't get run over while watching one them!

  5. Darwin Award winnner there ...



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