Need advice setting up an online store

  1. Need advice setting up an online store

    Hey guys,
    I need some advice on setting up an online store. The Mrs is wanting to take her gift-package company and make an ecommerce site to help bring in revenue from outside the local area.

    The problem is I am not sure which hosting company I should use, etc. Someone pointed me to which is a basically a turnkey setup site, but I don't really like that idea since they don't give you the code for it in case I have to change hosting companies.

    Does anyone have any good ideas or opinions to get started? I know we have a lot of superior supp company sponors and IT people here so I thought maybe I could get some quality advice from my BB bros.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. I used a web designer, and I use freezehosting as my provider, I never have had down time problems.

  3. Cool thanks. Do you mind if I ask who is your designer?

    Also, anyone have any comments on I can't seem to get their commercials out of my head.

  4. email [email protected] Tell him Drake sent you.

  5. Will do. Thanks.



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