Dating question...would you...?

  1. Dating question...would you...?

    Would you pursue someone that a friend of your's is interested in?  Say you like a gal, and she is open to your interest.  Would go go for it knowing a friend has interest in her?

    Often people tell me it's a free world, and we can't always look out ofor people's feelings.  I had the tendency to back off if I know someone is chasing her.  Proper?

  2. ya i dunno bro, its really up to you. let the cards play out for a day or so and just talk to her. if she talks back and kinda flirts (you know what i mean) then try to get her, if she doesnt seem interested then rebound with saying hey, my friend likes you .... make it a win/win situation

  3. who was interested in her or your friend???


    cuz if you were first....get her...

    this happened to me this past summer....and my friend ****-blocked me.


    Oh well...I got a better girl later in the summer anyway



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  4. Yeah I am gonna watch and see how thing gel and then go from there.

  5. you gotta ask your buddy first...its gay but ask for his will definetly be better than cockblocking your bud....because that is something you just do not do to a buddy! under no circumstance! You gotta ask permission first! Bro's before Ho's man. Chicks come and go...good friends are very hard to come by!

  6. obviously, you in a situation similar to what you're describing. personally, if the friend involved is one of your close ones (i have 4 real real close friends and if it was them and a female they had their eyes on) i wouldnt even make a move man. but, if that girl made a move on me.....ooooo, then i might have to break the code man. (good luck with that scenario though)

  7. I say it depends on your friend I had this situation, a while ago.  My friend talked big and never did anything about it.  I never had the chance to ask her out because she changed jobs, I was a little pissed at his inaction. If he is interested tell him to go for it, if he fails then you can ask him. 

  8. Good healthy answers guys.  At everyone tells me to do every gal I see :-)

  9. Originally posted by bigbadboss101
    Good healthy answers guys.  At everyone tells me to do every gal I see :-)
    And there's a problem with this? Now, this is a situation I've been in before. Actually, it was over the current love of my life, and a friend and I(roomate actually) were both interested. One night he came back raving about how gorgeous and great this girl was, and I said I had to find out for myself. Well, he was right, and right then and there I said, "You better get her now, because if ya aren't together tomorrow, I'll make a move." He didn't make a move, and I made good on my ultimatum, but I didn't go all out chasing her. We both agreed to make it obvious that we were both interested, and let her decide. She made the right choice in the end, and we've been together for over a year now. She's even gone as far as to move across the country for me, when I decided to transfer universities

    . .. moral of the story, let the best man win, because he will no matter what!

  10. I say talk to him. If he is going to pursue then back off. there is plenty of girls out there.. Is she a good girl??? Talk to ya
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  11. Weigh it yourself. Are you willing to put your friendship with this person on the line for a chance with this girl?

  12. I am gonna play it cool and watch.  There are couple other 'propects' on the scene that I gel well with so I will wait and make the right decision.


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