Happy Birthday to Chemo!!

  1. Happy Birthday to Chemo!!

    I'm not sure you're still around bro, but happy B-day!

  2. happy b-day chemo, if you ever make your way back here again.

  3. Happy birthday dude...have a good one!

  4. Happy BDAY for the best chemist in the world. Take care!

  5. Yeah I remeber that Chemo dude good luck to you bro and enjoy the day

  6. He's always lurking...

    I have to say I find pretty much all of your archived posts so helpfull... Thanks for the beginings of this board!

    Happy B-Day Sir!

  7. yep, chemo you "da man"

  8. You began a great thing here and helped many. Have an excellent borthday!

  9. anyone born on a day like today must be one helluva guy!
    happy birthday, mate - I'll lift one for ya! :tumbsup:

  10. Happy birthday Chemo..

  11. Happy Birthday, brother! Now go tan abit..

  12. Wow. Chemo's bday. Happy birthday to the man that made this all possible.


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