Anybody seen Candle?!

  1. Anybody seen Candle?!

    This is not really relevant to this section of the boards but.....I've been trying to track down one of the good bros I used to know from this board.....has anybody heard from or seen candle25??

  2. Man, I have not seen that dude in a looooong time. I was actually thinking the same thing way back in the beginning of this year...and he wasn't around for awhile before that...hope everything is okay with the guy....didn't know him much, but I enjoyed his posts.

  3. Yeah , he and I chatted quite a bit for a while and then he just disappeared. I hope everything is ok.

  4. Wasn't he a model?

  5. Yup, last I heard from him he was heading to a couple of photo shoots and getting prepared for them (they required he be under 7% body fat).



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