Food costs

  1. Food costs

    This is a little off topic, thats why its in this forum.
    Anyway, how much do you guys spend on food?
    Not talking MRP or any type of supplement but real food. This is just a curiosity post.

    I'm at about $90 a week.

  2. uh.... a LOT... would rather not think about it actually

  3. Nelson
    Nelson's Avatar

    I spend about 14,000 per week on food.
    That`s in yen.

  4. 30 bucks? We shop at as hell....

  5. Originally posted by whosyourdaddy02
    30 bucks? We shop at as hell....
    Man I almost forgot about Aldi, there's one by my work that I used to always go to, dirty cheap!

    I'm with Biggin, I'm not sure I want to know....too much But if I guessed, I'd say maybe around $80-100/ week I think.

  6. $150/week (CND)

    No wonder I'm always broke. That on top of whey, malto, vits, liver tabs, etc....


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