how much time do you spend in the gym

  1. how much time do you spend in the gym

    thats the personally I rarely go over 45 minutes....I don't rest much in between sets, so I don't think its really necessary to spend lots of time even though i have my headphones i can still hear the damn britany spears they play..god i hate it


    unless your doing lots of cardio, then extended times are a given

    i tried looking for a similar post if there is one..put the link in here..thanks.



  2. Not usually more than an hour.

  3. same, not more than an

  4. little over an hour, but am training DC style and part of that is warming up, stretching, and cooling down.

  5. usually 45 minutes to an hour but not more, I also rest 3 to 5 minutes between sets, usually 3 sets on compound exercises and up to 5 minutes on exercises such as squats, deadlifts.

  6. 75 minutes

  7. anywhere between 45-90 minutes. mostly depending on how crowded it is and having to wait sometimes.

  8. Generally, 45 minutes - 60 minutes...

  9. I have a home gym, but usually about 75 minutes, an hour on good days.

  10. 60-90 mins for me!

  11. Originally posted by jweave23
    usually about 75 minutes
    ow! ... I don't rest for very long at all between sets either, forgot to mention that... I don't like waiting, makes me feel like I'm slowing down, have to usually force myself to catch my breath and stay loose, etc... when I ramp myself up and get ready to lift some serious **** I find it harder to step back between sets than to just barrel through

  12. 60-70 minutes when I'm on a good pace. 75-80 minutes when I slack off between resting periods


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