Thinking of going to the dark side...

  1. Thinking of going to the dark side...

    No not AAS, but personal training.

    I have been in the game for years. I have owned and still own Nutrition stores.

    I have been intregual in formulating new products for various unnamed companies,
    and done my part to train, advise, and transform countless, clients. Yet I have never been a PT.

    I don't like the fact that so much of it is "Sales", I do not wish to be a pycologist or a shrink to fat ladies, I do not want to work for a big name gym and watch them collect 45 an hour, only to give me 12 or so.

    I do however want to get into it, on a small scale with a few clients to start, and give them a no-nonsense program. Which is against what most trainers do. I see pople get their clients doing movements that they can ONLY do with them, job security I guess. . Sorry MR trainer guy, but the average oughta shape soccer mom does not need to do the latest Paul CHeck movements, does not need to know what a kettle ball is, does not need to do squats with chains, or any of the complicated silly rubber band stuff that you just read about on the new T-mag, that makes you look smart and the client look dumb. They do however need to make certain changes in there socalled program, and nutrition that I will be willing to do.

    So anyways, how do I get certified? Is there an online halfway descent program out there.

    PS sorry for the rant.

    AND no I do not own one of those silly yoga balls...I may need to get one.

  2. I have owned and still own Nutrition stores.
    Got any free supps or samples for your brothers here at AM? Remember I asked first. LOl.
    Anyways my buddy is working on his ceritfication right now. I forget the process but I'll find out tonight in case no one else responds by then, although I am sure someone will.

  3. Thanks, and at the time no I don't sorry. Most stuff I am dealing with now is still in the works so to say.

  4. Try a search on personal training. I know there was some good advice given here in a couple threads a few to several months ago. It dealt with the types of certifications and how to obtain them. I'll try to dig them up. If I find them before you, I'll link it here.

  5. Here's one, dude... click here!

  6. very nice thanks.

  7. I have been thinking of doing the same thing lately, mainly just for a little job on the side while I am in college, and since my major is exercise science and nutrition I might as well get certified now. Just the only drawback right now is I cant fork the cash out to pay for the training and certification at the moment. I also dont know how in depth the material is and how much extra studying it would require, since I still have to study for school at the moment. I dont know what they all test over, but I would think what I have learned in my kinesiology/nutrition classes would have covered alot of it, at least that is what I am hoping.

    Any of you that have your certification out there, would what I have learned in my classes help me on the testing for PT?

  8. get certified with ISSA they are the best and most credential and accredited.


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