Other Than This Board.....

  1. Other Than This Board.....

    What other boards do you guys consider stellar boards? By this I mean the majority of the informarion is valuable? How is the board ran, etc? I ask because Id like to know what you guys consider worthy of advertisement... I dont want URL links to mediocre or lackluster boards....

  2. Right now we have:


    *All these I think are pretty kick ass.... Need to add BB4L for Mr. Bathgate....

  3. Cutttingedgemuscle.com is a very good board, I'm sure you're a member there as well.

  4. Originally posted by lovetoeat
    Cutttingedgemuscle.com is a very good board, I'm sure you're a member there as well.
    Ahh, you are correct, very nice (cant believe I forgot about CEM). Thanks brother, will add it also.....

  5. Avant's board has some great in depth posts. A lot of it is beyond me though.
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    Anabolic Universe is as good as it gets. From the admin to moderators like bellx1, Basskiller, and Rhapsody, and members like Bigzog, the level of knowledge and maturity is second to none. This should be first on the list. The only other board I visit every day.
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  7. I hope Avant will participate, and a link to AU is already posted.

  8. yep, Avant gets ****in down and into that ****, that would be great to have them in on it... I don't know dozens and dozens of boards like some of y'all , but it looks like you got some main killer ones listed already

  9. Could check out:


    Dont know if they are "kickass" But I like them



  10. MassU is already up, dont know much about CJM's..... Aragorn mods there right?

  11. Yes sir he does.



  12. CEM
    elite and bolex-for database
    if all goes well, getting involved here too

  13. Originally posted by inertia
    elite and bolex-for database
    if all goes well, getting involved here too


    are you talking about elitefitness?

    that board sux now IMO.  It used to be good, but after the platinum membership crap..i dunno. its gay


  14. You have to wade through a lot of ****, but you can still find good material on Elite, particularly for anabolics and diet (supplements are another story). Plus they have massive archives.
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  15. i agree about EF for gear info though...and about the archives...as for actively posting though, its just too much crap. I think this board will go far

    AM that is


  16. Hamper, there is no reason to put banned in your profile when you not. Would you like to be? Just let me know.

  17. Although anabolic review's members tend to base their knowledge on what is commonly known, instead of what is scientifically proven, there seems to be a wide array of articles in the best of section.


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