Noles 10 --- Canes 7

  1. Noles 10 --- Canes 7

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  2. Congrats LMD. Was a great game.

  3. Wink

    Congrats on your first win of the new millenium

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  4. Haha thanks guys just had to hear from you at least one time haha. Both teams played like such crap though. It was the battle of the defenses.

  5. Lets put it this way.....the win is good as it keeps the rivalry strong.

    I hope we can get a rematch in the ACC Champ in Jacksonville........

    Your D is always, they step up. Although I cant understand why we didnt go after your DBs more. Booker and Washington were as expected, but I had no Idea Weatherford and Lee were that shaky! I mean Wright looked bad early but really started throwing it around in the 2nd quarter. If you get them to settle down, you have a good chance of being in Jacksonville (especially since you get to avoid VT during the regular season).

    Now that I am a bit more calm, I guess we had it coming to us after doing it to you guys a few times.

  6. The OL is ****ing terrible at UM.

    I'm really worried about VT's pass rush.

    But, I was really, really impressed with Kyle Wright. I really think we found a QB today.

    All told, I think if there is a rematch, we beat FSU.

    Good game by the Noles.

  7. Congrats Lake ! your defense kicked ass and your RB's were solid.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD

  9. Hopefully, we'll see yall in Jacksonville.

    I can't wait (if we can beat VT.....)

  10. Quote Originally Posted by jmh80
    Hopefully, we'll see yall in Jacksonville.

    I can't wait (if we can beat VT.....)

    VT isn't as good as they say they are, I mean I believe they are slightly better than FSU and Miami as far as talent goes but not as far as coaching is concerned. It will be a good game between you guys and if we do have a rematch it will be badass cause we will both have film of each other, our qb's will be more experienced and we will have a definite starter by then, and the game wont be so darn ugly. Also, neither team will be at home.


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